18 thoughts on “Get Your ‘Fire Vinny’ T-Shirt in Time For The Final Home Game and the Holidays”

  1. Vinny will do his best to fuck out shit up again this offseason. My best guess is he overpays for an over-the-hill receiver and ignores the offensive and defensive lines. Hello, rebuilding year. And FUCK Bill Cowher.

  2. Does this come free with the “Zorn in my side” t-shirt? After supporting his hiring, i fucking despise this guy. His refusal to take any blame for our failures and his hair-pin trigger finger to blame all of his players truly disgusts me. I thought we’d have a miserable year going into the season with a rookie head coach but with that philosophy, we should be getting better, not sliding backwards. There’s a reason why nobody ever gave this fucking bum a chance to be more than a QB coach. He was in Seattle for how long (?) and they never felt that he was qualified to get a slight promotion? Fuck this guy.

    Go back to Seattle where those Starbucks drinking dipshits wouldn’t know championship football if it bit them in the ass.

  3. I love the idea of the shirt. We fans need to do something about this clown. someone on RI suggested a add in the Post but that would cost a ton of cash.

  4. Have u guys seen what the Bengals fans did with the Bilboard in Cincinatti? I think Steinberg has something about it on the bog, I would definitely donate like 50$ for something like that…

    And also, Hkeith, read the transcrippt from yesterdays presser, Zorn is putting plenty of blame on himself.

    I want a FUCK Vinny t-shirt

  5. We’ve followed the Who Dey Revolution’s work over the last few months, and I’ve written about it over at The Sporting Blog previously. It’s inspirational work, for sure. Their business model could be worth replicated in the coming months …

  6. SRF, yes i read it and it was about a week too late. If i say “fuck you” today and next week say “my bad” does that change what my initial reaction was?

  7. Why are you blaming Vinny! The team started out 6-2 and looked to be going strong. If there is anyone to blame it’s today’s “prima donna” athletes who feel they are owed something for showing up to play. You should be greatful that D. Snyder has not moved your beloved Skins to a new home. Then what would you do? You’d have nothing to bitch about after the game. Cherish the fact that you have a team and stop pointing fingers at Zorn and especially Vinny.

    You need to make a new tee shirt! “Vinny’s the Man”


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