Emo Zorn Admits ‘It Hurts’

zorn_emo.jpgJim Zorn held his weekly press conference a little over an hour ago, and had some pretty honest — and accurate — things to say about himself and the team. I didn’t actually witness the presser, but I’m going to imagine tears streaming down his face while saying this:

“It hurts. I feel like the worst coach in America. [The players] risk a lot. They put out tremendous effort, tremendous emotion to go out and play. We can win some of these games. I have a hard time looking at the talent and just saying that’s [the problem] and moving on.”

There, there Zorn. There, there, there, there, there. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re only the worst employed coach in America.

There was more:

“I’m not sure I could ask any more of the players,” Zorn said. “These last six games we’ve asked a lot of them and they’ve responded well.

“I have to look at myself. It’s all about me. I need to check my plan of attack and my staff, we need to reevaluate. … We have to take resopnosibility [sic] for some of these games that haven’t turned out like we planned.”

Well, you could ask them not to line-up in illegal formations, hold or block in the back, but yeah, the rest is pretty much on you. Zorn best get things reevaluated pretty quickly, because if he loses the next two, I’m fairly certain those will be his last two as head coach of the Redskins.

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  1. We have to keep Zorn. The cost of replacing everything and starting over again is too great for this franchise. I prefer shitty stability with the promise of growth to mediocre instability which is what we’ve dealt with since Snyder bought the team (with the exception of Gibbs). No rookie coach should be fired after even a 7-9 start when he’s working with an old, average offensive line and a terrible D-line. If there’s no improvement next season, then Snyder can consider a change, but for now, Zorn’s done all that can be expected of him.

  2. We definitely have to keep Zorn.

    Seriously, who else are we going to get? Fassel? No coach would touch us last year and no coach will touch us this year. Zorn has shown some real promise. We need a good draft (with some linemen please!). Next season anything is possible.

  3. i want him fired. i expected 7-9 or worse but he’s regressed and i don’t buy that he feels one ounce of sorrow or regret. I think there would be plenty of better candidates that this guy out there.

  4. I know this commenting stuff is confusing, but perhaps you meant to leave that over at this post, chevychase …

    If you’d venture over to the comments there, you’ll see that we’ve already discussed Rock’s exclusion from the winners section.

  5. @hkieth:

    Zorn and this season’s rise and fall have coincided very much with injuries. Of course, if Snyder could fire Schottenheimer after finishing 8-3, anything’s possible. Fuck, this team’s poorly managed.

  6. When hired, the guy couldn’t have been more unimpressive. He stumbled through press conferences (excited to coach the maroon and black) while trying to sound more intelligent/intellectual than he is. He exhibited the opposite of confidence/composure, causing most fans to fear the worst and prepare for a disasterous 2008.

    In Week 1, all of those fears came true.

    Then, something incredible happened, the team won 4 games against good teams, and everyone rejoiced. In some odd way, this quirky guy who can’t hold a press conference was connecting to players and calling plays like a genius. In a lot of peoples minds, he turned from flat out idiot to misunderstood genius. It seemed to good to be true.

    In the past 6 weeks, harsh reality has set in. The team has gotten progressively worst, and has shown no hope or flashes that it can get back to its Weeks 2-5 form. Zorn has to be held accountable for this.

    If he has really lost the locker room, like it appears he has, there is no reason in keeping him around. Whatever he was doing to motivate players during the winning streak has vanished, and there’s not much hope for getting it back. In the end he was a nice guy with a good heart, but a guy who is clearly not fit to be a head coach of an NFL team, especially an NFC east team.

  7. Don’t worry. Once they fire Zorn the good old Redskins brain trust will find the perfect coach. Of course, to fit in around here this perfect coach will have to be:

    1. A bootlicker (for the Danny)

    2. An ass-kisser (for the Danny’s prima-donnas)

    3. Either (a)dumber than homemade sin, or (b) pragmatic enough to overlook the inevitable slew of crackpot personnel moves and still pick up the paycheck on Friday.

    4. A loser and a hoser (a loser because no self-respecting coach would want any association with these assclowns, and a hoser because of the patent dishonesty it will take not to call a spade a spade while dealing with the Redskins brain trust.)

  8. Clinton Portis needed to be a better leader when the going got really tough. Instead, he lashed out.

    A perfect metaphor for the redskins’ season is Chris Cooley’s blog…yesterday, after bumbling our way out of the playoffs, the Cooley’s deem it the perfect time to update on Chris’ brother’s recent workout. Seriously?

    No focus on winning, just platitude after platitude of sports cliches.

  9. Jesus, more “CP needs to be a leader” bullshit. Unless you are in that locker room every game, you have no clue what kind of leader he is or isn’t. Maybe when he “lashed out” he was speaking on behalf of the general consensus of the players. If so, the team would surely view him as a leader for that.

    There is nothing more ridiculous than people who watch from their couches every Sunday discussing the leadership qualities of players they know nothing about. Until the players themselves complain that Portis isn’t a leader, I’m going to assume he is.

    Wait, were you being sarcastic, SaintArved? If so, well played and please ignore.

  10. Yeah, that “portis is no leader” nonsense is absurd. Zorn is the coach. HE needs to be the leader. When Portis and Zorn exchange barbs I think two things: Zorn is damn near 50, he should know better as a coach AND CP is 27 and not the one running the show. I was glad today that he feels so bad and that he needs to reassess his approach. It was the humility that he’s needed to show for some time. I just think it might be too late.

    I also agree that firing him now would be really tough to do and then have yet another coach in here to do what, exactly but, at the same time, I don’t want to be in this same situation next year saying to myself “fuck. we just should have cleaned house LAST year and we’d already be a year ahead of schedule.”

  11. A perfect metaphor for the redskins’ season is Chris Cooley’s blog…yesterday, after bumbling our way out of the playoffs, the Cooley’s deem it the perfect time to update on Chris’ brother’s recent workout. Seriously?

    Seriously? Seriously? This seriously pisses you off? First of all I highly doubt Chris had anything to do with it. Did you want him blogging about the game or preparing for it? Secondly, I had no idea that the NFL now plays games at 8:00am. Otherwise I’m not sure how a post at 11:42am came after the Redskins lost.

  12. Not gonna happen.

    Cerrato is on a bull-headed mission to prove the doubters wrong and he has Snyder’s blessing. Zorn is his hire and his first significant organizational move as defacto GM. He would look like a complete idiot if he got rid of Zorn and he knows it. And so would Snyder. Zorn stays for at least another year.

    Never underestimate the power of “I want to prove the world wrong!”

  13. What’s worst, looking like a complete idiot after a second half collapse and keeping the guy around for another 5-11 season to follow it up, or cleaning house bringing someone else in and rolling the dice?

    How can anyone have any confidence in this team for next season with Zorn at the helm? It doesn’t make any sense. It took teams 5 weeks to figure out his system, adjust and render it completely useless. How could an entire offseason for teams to watch film?

    Jim Zorn vs. 16 other NFL coaches with a seasons worth of film to prepare for him (half of which is film on exactly how to beat us). He’d be lucky to win 5 games.

  14. Look this type of attitude is killing the franchise. We need to rebuild, and we have chosen a system and a QB around which to do it. For the love of Christ can’t we see it through for MORE THAN ONE YEAR?

    The truth that no one wants to admit is we are going to have to get worse before we get better. It’s going to be that way no matter which big name coach Snyder gives a blank check. We just don’t have the core personnel to compete for a Super Bowl going forward. For those who follow the Caps, the ‘Skins now are like the ’03-’04 version with Jagr, Bondra, Oates, et al. Good enough for the playoffs (maybe), never good enough to go all the way.

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