Do You Want Your Team to Nab Teixeira?

teixeira-card.jpgBefore voting “yes” down below, consider the numbers: $160 million over eight years. That’s what the Nats are offering the switch-hitting first baseman, and Baltimore isn’t far behind with $140-150 million over seven.

On the plus side, either team would be getting a top-tier slugger in his prime, a guy who could anchor the lineup for the duration of the deal. Those aren’t on the market often, and when they are, it’s rarer still that they hail from nearby Severna Park.

On the negative side, his would be one of the five largest contracts in MLB history. If Teixeira doesn’t stay healthy or produce these next eight years like he has his first six, he isn’t worth the money. Either way, $140-160 million is a decade-making gamble for franchises like Washington and Baltimore, franchises that don’t have New York and Boston-type money.

Also consider that neither team is in the general vicinity of good. The Nats won 59 games this past season. The Orioles 68. On his own, Teixeira doesn’t even get them to .500, but they’re a lot closer with him than without him.

The Angels, Red Sox and even Yankees are still in on this, and all have deeper pockets and better rosters. As Thomas Boswell writes:

“Boston is 400 miles from Severna Park. But the Nats and Orioles are 400 miles from the World Series.”

That local allure — and nine-figure offers — makes it seem there’s a decent chance of this happening, either for D.C. or for Baltimore, but what’s odd is that I don’t really care. Maybe because Teixeira isn’t the most dynamic of personalities or exciting of players. Or maybe because both teams, despite being my faves, flat-out suck. Or maybe it’s because of the pluses and minuses laid out above.

It’s probably some combination of all three, but I’m curious, do you care if your team, whether it be the Nats or the O’s, signs this guy?

Also, just so we know the deal, another poll after the jump …

16 thoughts on “Do You Want Your Team to Nab Teixeira?”

  1. I want Tex. I have dreams of a 2009 June lineup that has Wieters and Tex back to back. And if the Nats get Tex instead of the Orioles….I don’t even want to think about it.

  2. I want the Nats to get him, but for the wrong reason — SPITE. I want cowardly Peter Angelo$ to lose a lot of face in addition to ballgames.

    That being said, I won’t be too disappointed if Teixeira goes elsewhere, though I’ll be hoping he becomes the modern-day Albert Belle if he goes to the O’s. $160 million is a lot of money to spend on spite, even if it is not mine.

  3. Jake, Wieters-Tex would be surrounded by Markakis, Jones and Roberts into the next decade. Not bad at all. Can any of them pitch?

    WFY, I want the Nats to get him for the same reason, though I like the MD-B’more connection with the O’s and Teixeira.

  4. Actually, Mottrams, which team do you guys root for?

    I always thought I’d be able to figure it out through my keen reading comprehension, but I’m still not sure.

    If I were to guess, I’d say Chris is more of a Nats guy while Jamie prefers the O’s. But you have to pick one — you can’t have both.

    Either way, you want Tex. He’s fucking solid.

  5. If I had to pick one, I’d go with the Nats. But I’m not sure why it has to be one or the other, considering they’re in different leagues, the O’s were all we had for a long time and the Nats set up shop 10 minutes from my doorstep.

  6. Well, I guess you don’t have to pick one, but it just seems too time consuming to be a real fan of two teams in the same sport.

    At least not the same level of fandom. You can’t tell me if the O’s and Nationals met in the World Series (excuse me for a second — hahahahhahhahahha), you would just be indifferent.

  7. “You can’t tell me if the O’s and Nationals met in the World Series (excuse me for a second — hahahahhahhahahha), you would just be indifferent.”

    Fortunately, we’ll never have that problem.

  8. None of them can pitch no but thats cool. Jeremy Guthrie just dropped Boras as his agent so for his next deal he won’t be asking for 25 years, 1 trillion dollars, like all Boras’ clients start at.

  9. Like the Mottrams, I also have duel citizenship with the O’s and Nats. I think Mark T. is not worth this much money for his production alone. However, if either that Nats or O’s get him he would immediately make both franchises better and would help them land more quality free agents in the future.

    Right now the Nats (and the O’s to a lesser extent) are playing with confederate money. They would have to give a 20% premium–at least–to any player just because of who they are. If the Nats get Tex they’d have Zim and Tex to build around. If the O’s get Tex they’d have the line up Jamie listed above.

    Either way its worth it.

  10. I’m an O’s fan and I realize how nasty the O’s lineup could be with Teix immediately. I also feel the O’s are “closer” whatever that means, then the Nats.

    But the O’s didn’t have problems scoring runs last year. They were at least average. They gave up 800+ runs. I’d take that money and sign as many pitchers as freakin possible. The O’s have ok bats even if Huff doesn’t make 30/1000 again and a rock solid bullpen with Johnson/Albers/Baez/Sherrill/Ray.

    Starting pitching. The sooner Baltimore gets it, the sooner they contend and win. We all know it. So let’s hope Baltimore can just do it!

  11. The Os need to sign Teixeira. They need to signal fans that its OK to come back to watch baseball in Camden. The current line up gives him good protection. I am concerned about his being worth the money, but I think he wants to and is conditioned to win. Roberts, Mora, Markakis, Tex, Huff, Scott, Jones, Wieters isnt murders row, but its not a bad line up.

    Apparently we have some solid arms in Bowie and Frederick.

    More importantly, I trust McPhail to do the right thing. If Angelos will let him.

  12. The Orioles are building for youth and speed, and I give them credit for that. But if they didn’t make this offer, their interest in thrift over winning would’ve been apparent, and fans would’ve revolted in a “let’s still go to the games but be unhappy about it” kind of way.

    I’m hoping the Orioles get him, but wheels and deals for some starting pitching and a deal for Markakis.

  13. Jamie, I am totally with you in feeling completely “meh” about this. Big contracts always make me think a player is doomed to fail, but it sure would be fun if he could stay healthy and produce.

  14. Tex or no Tex, neither team is worth a half a shit until they straighten out their entire organizations from the top down. The Orioles are closer but still not built for the long haul, and with larger obstacles (Boston, NYY) to overcome than the Nats.

    Either of these teams signing Teixeira is like decorating a crack house with fancy Christmas lights. That shit is pretty, temporary, and masks the blighted ugliness of its host. For the record I did see this very thing in Philly this weekend.

  15. Despite my Midwestern roots, I have lived down in Dallas off an on for the past three years. No one, and I mean no one, down here has anything nice to say about Teixeira. He apparently is not a good guy in the clubhouse and is far and away more about Mark Teixeira than he is about his team.

    Luckily, my beloved White Sox have not been mentioned in the Tex Sweepstakes. He puts up numbers, and he is valuable for a fantasy roster, but at least during his time in Texas he did not make any friends, nor believers, in his ability to function as an integral part or a leader of a winning team.

    Maybe he’s matured since, and I have nothing personal against him so I hope he has, but I’d put a huge Buyer Beware stamp on any team looking to invest a 9-figure deal in Tex.

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