AD: From Brown Hornet to Actual Hornet

ad-brown-hornet.jpgAntonio Daniels was a good Wizard these past few seasons as D.C. enjoyed a taste of playoff basketball, so I’m saddened by this, but it was time and we wish him well.

In exchange for the 33-year-old point guard and a conditional first-round pick (obtained from Memphis for Juan Carlos Navarro), Washington receives Javaris Crittendon, who was drafted 19th overall by the Lakers last summer and was since traded to Memphis, and Mike James, who is very old and once scored 20 per game for Toronto.

I know next to nothing about either player, so help me out, and join us in thanking the Brown Hornet for his service.

7 thoughts on “AD: From Brown Hornet to Actual Hornet”

  1. I don’t get this trade. Crittendon’s a nice prospect I guess but as a 2-guard, not a point. And Mike James is a really, really, really poor man’s Gilbert. And its not a salary thing, James is probably going to pick up his option next year which pays him the same as Daniels would have made.

  2. Yeah Jamie I read Carter after I posted that and now I feel a little better. The one thing that does kinda nag on me is that Daniels is a pretty good backup to a starting PG like Arenas where James seems to do a lot of the things Arenas does. Makes me wonder how Gil’s knee is feeling.

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