Happy Thanksgiving 2008 From the DTC

Due to time constraints and out of respect for The Mayor of FedEx Field, the following is presented without commentary, though we will warn you about foul language and questionable rhymes:

Here’s to you and yours having a wonderful Thanksgiving, and you and yours affording something finer than Aristocrat to fill your cup.

10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2008 From the DTC”

  1. This guy is the Douche of Fedex field. I don’t know whats worse about this video: The half shot of Crown he bravely swigs, the fat ass girls he parties with, the fact he gave himself a nickname, or they can’t drink a full beer out of a cone in under 30 seconds. Shotgunning takes 4 seconds. Educate yourself. I especially admire the creativeness of rhyming “mayor” with “Player”. Truly amazing. Where would Skins nation be without such talent?

  2. You want a rap? Here it is.

    Skinzfan with a Z

    Why you even talking to me?

    You watch my videos, and responded to me in 13 minutes.

    If you ever plan seeing me, then start eating your spinach!

    December 21st is the time. FedEx field is the place.

    Introduce yourself. And I will throw a brick at your face!

    Cause im the mayor bitch, and tears I dont shed.

    DTC. Since 2001. We put haters to bed.

    Now please respond for the third time so it looks like youre really trying!

  3. I arrived at FedEx Field yesterday at 5 am. It was freezing rain the entire day.

    Not only was I warm and dry the entire game, but it was my once a year game to get super drunk and not have to drive. There is some great footage of me in rare form.

    This guy Skinzfan is a douche bag. Not only does he hide behind a stupid screen name, but I would bet money that he didnt go to the game yesterday.

    Say whatever you want. Anyone that shows up toa Redskins game at 5 am in the freezing rain, and staying the entire time after that performance is a true Redskins fan.

    And on December 21st, its going to go down.

    So if you realy have that big of a problem with me “skinzfan” then A) dont watch my videos. B)Dont keep commenting on said videos. And C) Come say this shit to my face. Seriously people talking shit behind the comfort of their moms computer gets old. Got a problem? Do something about it. If not. THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP!


    Back the fuck up off me son!

  4. Ha..rhyming ‘minutes’ and ‘spinach’ This is why annoying Giants fans say Skins fans suck? Stick to drinking…you at least do that decently well. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 4 years, been to every game this year, been to the super bowl parades and even saw dtc in Canton this summer. The anonymous thing is on purpose b/c I’m not going to fight a Skins fan, I’m just pointing out how pathetic you are. The debauchery, boozing, f’n with fans is money, but the self-proclaimed sh!t where you act like the born son of Jay-Z and the Messiah is what blows. “Woo look at me….I’m drinkin Crown….with an upside-down frown…all over this town…i’m as cool as Cade Mcnown…i saw woof and you say meow. Yeah….bam. We’re dtc.”

    Aite…I’m not gonna take this any further tho i know i started it.

  5. Skinzfan with a Z:

    If you really saw the DTC in Canton, then you would know that I don’t think I am a good rapper.

    I started rapping because yokels like yourself call me a rapper. So, as The Mayor, who am I not to give the people what they ask for?

    So just so were on the same page. I dont consider my self good at rapping.

    So I guess the only question is. Am I good at drinking, or not good at drinking?

    Half shots? Or is my “boozin” “money”?

    Sorry. Between your Sports Junkies lingo, direct condridictions in paragraph form and no obvious point, I am really confused.

    If your point is that everything I do is “money” except my rapping (is that called “hurting”?) then me admitting not being a good rapper should makes us friendz right?

  6. it would appear so. i can bring a castrated dead Eagle as a peace offering for the birds game. actually, i’ll be in BAL for the ravens game. BAL fans have to be worse than Eagles fans simply for their gay purple camo pants they insist on wearing. that and they live in trailers in Dundalk.

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