This Season’s Wiz Throwbacks Are Weird

As they have in year’s past, the Wizards are wearing an alternate uniform for some games, and, thanks to Page 2 (via Bullets Forever), here it is:


To quote Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas, writing for Page 2:

The [1962 Chicago] Zephyrs are the same franchise as today’s Wizards, which probably marks the only time a pro sports franchise has had two different “z”-inclusive names.

I did not know that. Furthermore:

The Zephyrs wore belted shorts back in the day, so the throwback shorts have faux belt loops.

Faux belt loops? Ooh la la! Belted basketball shorts aside, these are a hot mess. Let’s count the ways:

  1. The jersey is ugly. No one’s going to buy it, and I can’t imagine the players being excited to wear it.
  2. The connection is thin. The Wizards were once the Zephyrs. For one season. In Chicago. Forty-five years ago.
  3. The other options are better. Why not recycle the red, white and blue Washington Bullets or the all-orange Baltimore Bullets?

In summary, do not want. Not one bit.

And in other Wiz news, they lost to a depleted Knicks team last night to drop to 1-10. Lottery dreams indeed.

One thought on “This Season’s Wiz Throwbacks Are Weird”

  1. Eddie Jordan is an abomination. The Wizards are awful. Blatche has regressed. My #3 Juan Dixon jersey is no longer ironically funny, but just a sad joke. Which several Knicks fans were wont to point out at MSG last night.

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