The JaVale T-Shirt: ‘Kill + Mode = Chee$e’

Since joking about him dunking on 12 feet, the legend of JaVale McGee has grown. The Wiz’ photog set up an elevated “JaVale cam”, cranky Wilbon dropped praise, Skeets introduced “Epic Vale” and, after posting 13, 11 and three in Washington’s first win, Mike Wise dedicated a column in which the Vale of Cashmere claims to have dunked on a 12’6″ rim. So things have come full circle at internet speed, and it’s time to get this kid a t-shirt:


Yeah, it didn’t make sense to me either until reading Mike Jones’ profile:

A strip on the size-18 Nikes of Washington Wizards rookie JaVale McGee bears a peculiar phrase, written neatly in black Sharpie.

Ask the 7-foot center the origin and he shrugs it off. “Oh, it’s just a saying,” he says dryly. But what does it mean? “Well, if you’re in kill mode, like a mode where you feel like no one can stop you, and you just work hard and no one can stop you, then you get cheese – success,” McGee says. “It’s just something my cousin and I thought up in high school.”

Kill + Mode = Chee$e. Perfect. That persona fits right in with Gil’s three-ring circus, especially with the high-flying and whatnot. Get in while the gettings good with your Epic Vale t-shirt (only $19.90!), before the legend becomes myth and/or someone goes and actually designs a decent garment.

PS: Hey Eddie, start JaVale! Sincerely, every single Wizards fan

6 thoughts on “The JaVale T-Shirt: ‘Kill + Mode = Chee$e’”

  1. Yesterday his shoes said “Kill Mode Squad,” and he refused to talk about it and said we couldn’t take photos of them. Gil needs to give him some media training.

  2. speaking of t-shirts…I’ll be sporting my crisp new Portis Pockets Straight shirt Sunday night. I’ll be sitting behind the east field goal where Suisham will be kicking many extra points, not field goals. Do I get a prize if the shirt makes it on TV?

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