Gil Is Forever Paying Homage to Obama

I have a friend named Bull who got his first tattoo a few years back. Then his second, then his third, fourth, fifth and so on, and it seemed that with each new inking less and less consideration was going into what was going on his body. That’s not to say his ink isn’t gnarly, because it is, but it is to say that, like anything else, one gets addicted to the practice. And I think that’s what’s happening here:


Image via NBC Washington, the Sports section of which is under the wing of my old soul brother, John Ness. Patronize it, won’t you?

Update: Chris also wrote about this over at his day job.

9 thoughts on “Gil Is Forever Paying Homage to Obama”

  1. There’s no traffic in professional basketball in this town. That video of Vinny Cerrato’s wife talking about bunions (yes, it exists) > Gilbert tattoos.

    But don’t think I didn’t sulk over a cold beer last night.

  2. boy im boutta give yo ass a stack. yo web skin ashy as shit moe! look like u been slidin down a pole like shit. look like u use yo hand as a personal ash tray like shit. boy “change we believe in?” u need 2 gather some change up nd buy a bottle a lotion like shit. boy yo tat make u look uneducated like shit. in belive we change? smh…. boy is that a period or a mole like shit?

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