JaVale McGee Can Dunk on a 12-Foot Rim

Things don’t look good for the Wiz right now: They’re 0-5, Arenas and Haywood aren’t walking through that door and The Maj is calling for Eddie’s head. But at least first-round pick JaVale McGee (A.K.A. LaVale, I mean JaVale A.K.A. The Vale of Cashmere) is doing stuff like this:

While the video doesn’t necessarily match the headline, McGee’s standing reach is 9’6.5″ and vertical is 32.5″. Merge the two and you’ve got 12’3″. So it’s just simple math, really. And more evidence is found via Vale’s alley-oop against New York, when he posted 12, 10 and two while earning high praise.

Also bringing Wiz fans joy through pain are Nick Young and Gilbert. Nick for scoring at a ridiculous rate (16.6 points in 26 minutes per game) and Gil for getting an Obama tattoo … after saying he’d vote for McCain.

Related: Since the NBA denied Dwight Howard’s request for a 12-foot rim, the only 12-footer on record is Harlem Globetrotter Michael Wilson’s.

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