Vote or Don’t: Skins Uniform Variations

jason-campbell-burgundy.jpgAs you know, the Redskins went with all-burgundy last night for the first time since, like, ever. As you also know, they got their asses whipped by the visiting Steelers. So it’s amusing to look at the changing perspective of our commentariat over the course of the night. Before, from Unsilent Majority:

“If we wear burgundy on burgundy my head will explode. And it will be good.”

And after, from StuScottsLazyEye:

“the burgandy on burgandy [sic] was bad news. All though [sic] it looks tight as hell, they were 6-1 or 5-1 in the all whites (I think). Why go and ruin a good thing?”

They’re actually 4-1 in all-white this season, but both comments have merit. And Zorn has “indicated [that all-burgundy] would be a possibility for cold weather games,” so these may be more than a one-time deal. Let us know what you think about that in the comments, and, because I’m curious, vote for your favorite Redskins uniform variation in the poll.

6 thoughts on “Vote or Don’t: Skins Uniform Variations”

  1. I didn’t care for the burgundy on burgundy at all. There is nothing fashion forward about monochromatic color schemes. It’s sooo Regis from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire circa 1999.

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