JMU Beats ‘Nova on a Freaking Hail Mary

It’s been a crazy season for my alma mater as the Dukes have come back from 21 down to beat Appalachian State, taken over the FCS’ No. 1 ranking and then returned a punt for a game-winner over Richmond. Now they’ve upped the insanity with this buzzer-beater at Villanova:

So they liked their chances of a Hail Mary over a 52-yard field goal? To paraphrase Dr. Saturday, JMU head coach Mickey Matthews must be crazy like a very crazy fox. That or his kicker stinks.

But still, ladies and gentlemen, your top-ranked JMU Dukes! Or, as JMU sports correspondent Rob Abbott calls them, the “Team of Destiny.” Forgive him. He’s probably going apeshit right about now. We all are.

Bonus: Fellow JMU alum Awful Announcing has more video and words.

7 thoughts on “JMU Beats ‘Nova on a Freaking Hail Mary”

  1. What’s even more insane is that the game was played in a freaking monsoon with high winds going against JMU and a slippery field, AND this was Villanova’s homecoming to boot. Absolute dagger for the Wildcats at the end of that one.

  2. The best part of it was watching the game from a side room at Bailey’s in Arlington where about 100 JMU fans were surrounded by what seemed like 2000 VT fans. The JMU crowd went from “I hope we still manage a home playoff game” to completely BONKERS. Lots of “What the…” looks from the Future Farmers, literally “All day tailgate drunk and in the stadium” reaction from the Dukes crowd in a bar in Ballston Mall. Tables flying, drinks airborne, mosh pit… it was beautiful.

    Go Duuuuukkes.

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