Clinton Portis Is Our T-Shirt Supermodel

A month back, after the brouhaha with B-Mitch, we made a proposal to one Clinton Earl Portis, Esq.:

“The Brothers Mottram will send you one “Portis Pockets Straight” t-shirt, free of charge, which you will in turn model for the blog. Sorry, model’s the wrong word. You will wear it and allow Matt Terl, the Redskins blogger, to take photos of you doing so. Once we have said photos in our possession, you will receive your compensation, which shall be 10% of total profits we make from the shirts or $4.50, whichever is more.

Do we have a deal, Mr. Portis?”

To which Clinton responded:


That’s no Photoshop, ladies and germs. That’s the real deal: Janky Spanky in the Redskins Park locker room two days after rumbling for 175 in a win over Cleveland. You can almost see his soreness from being tackled 28 times. You can feel the pain. You can also see the comfort of our men’s heavyweight cotton tee. You can feel the softness.

So, with thanks to Matt Terl, it looks like we’re in business … with Clinton freaking Portis. One of the best backs of the decade Clinton Portis. Front-runner for NFL MVP Clinton Portis. Redskins legend Clinton Portis. Sports blog icon Clinton Portis. And, now, “Portis Pockets Straight” Clinton Portis.

12 thoughts on “Clinton Portis Is Our T-Shirt Supermodel”

  1. While it’s definitely impressive that CP wore the shirt, the craziest part of this photo is the much talked about glass enclosed locker of Sean Taylor over Clinton’s shoulder.

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