Colt’s Lookin’ in Your Big Brown Eyes

There are many ways to describe what’s going on here, as Colt Brennan serenades his teammates with some UB40, but we’ll yield the floor to Chris Cooley, who would like to let you know that this song was “a gay pick.”

(Thanks to Ryan — formally PostmanR — for the video)

5 thoughts on “Colt’s Lookin’ in Your Big Brown Eyes”

  1. This is awful. Cooley’s quotes, though, continue to be amazing and incredibly adaptable. At the office, my team responds “what a gay pick” to at least three things a day. Our other favorite is discussing shootings, stabbings or other random acts of violence and decrying how those folks should “straight up be on Fred Smoot’s [fantasy] team.”
    Sheer brilliance.

  2. Oh man, I searched for “Redskins” on YouTube and found this so I put it on the Bog, seriously didn’t realize you guys already had it. But really, why the hell not spread the Colt Brennan ridiculousness all over the Internets?

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