Step Aside Randle-El, Santana Moss Will Be Handling the Punt Returns


That headline might be a bit misleading, actually. Based on Zorn’s press conference on Monday (which I got around to listening to yesterday evening), it seems that Santana Man will be handling some, but not all, of the punt returning duties, based on the situation. When asked specifically if Moss will be returning punts, here’s what Zorn said:

Absolutely. In fact, one of the things that we tried to do is get him a punt return this past game. In the couple spots that we were, it was a spot where we actually went for a block. Since Antwaan had been back there so much, you know, that particularly situation was one where we didn’t get [Moss] in, ‘cause we went to try to get the punter, so it didn’t work out. But we’re gonna do that. We are gonna do that.

So clearly, the fans aren’t the only ones frustrated by ARE’s 6.8 yards per return. Some, including me, have suggested throwing Rock back there because he runs straight, a concept ARE doesn’t seem to grasp. But with the current injury issues, that may not be the best solution right now. Jamie threw Thrash’s name into the hat, which seems like a decent idea as well. His lifetime punt return average is 10 yards per and if he gets hurt, it’s no huge loss.

But throwing Moss back there … well, I’m not so sure how comfortable I am with that. He’s the number one playmaker on this team, which would obviously be the argument for having him return kicks, but it’s also the argument against. If he gets hurt, we’re doomed.

8 thoughts on “Step Aside Randle-El, Santana Moss Will Be Handling the Punt Returns”

  1. I have two things

    1. ARE looked like he might take one to the house in last weeks game but he got run into by his own player. Still I think he’s getting his groove back so to speak. (I don’t mean sleeping with a Jamaican man either)

    2. You always hear what a huge injury risk it is to return punts. I call bullshit on that. Punt returners are always very protected. They have the option of fair catching if they feel they are in trouble and once they catch it (if they decide to run) it becomes no different than catching the ball in space (like a screen pass).

    When is the last time you remember a punt returner getting hurt while returning a punt?

    This is scaredy cat football. Put the best returner back there!

  2. Does Devin Thomas suck so bad that we can’t throw his ass back there for PR duties? He’s worthless on the field during offensive plays, might as well make him earn a paycheck.

  3. I agree with Jeff. The only time a punt returner is at risk of getting injured is when he’s too busy running around in circles chasing his own tail to recognize a tackler. That’s the ARE experience, and he’s yet to get hurt, so Santana should be fine.

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