Redskins-Rams Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today: a 19-17 loss to St. Louis


WINNERS: Jim Zorn — Because of three killer fumbles and bad special teams, the Skins lost a game they should’ve won easy with a balanced offensive attack and dominant defense. It was a punch in the gut, losing at home to a bad team, but Zorn Star’s axiom to “stay medium” comes into play now just as much as it did after winning at Dallas and Philly.

Clinton Portis — Yet another 100-yard day, two more TDs and exemplary pass protection (or “pass pro,” as the experts call it). He’s having the best year of his career, and he’s had a hell of a career.

Carlos Rogers — Jason La Canfora dubbed him a “shutdown corner” this week, which I thought was a bit much, but he locked up Torry Holt all day.

Chris Horton — Forced a fumble on a WR reverse that was a freak-type play. Seriously, it was the type of play we’re accustomed to seeing from guys named Landry, Taylor and Arrington.

Marcus Washington — Didn’t think he was going to start this week, yet he forced Steven Jackson to fumble inside St. Louis’ five on the Rams’ opening series and later debuted his “Ride That Pony” dance.

Jason Campbell — Finally fumbled, but that wasn’t really his fault. Also, didn’t make many, if any, bad throws and led a nice 4th-quarter comeback.

Antwaan Randle El — Caught five balls for 87 yards, including a huge one on 3rd-and-14 to get to the goal line and cap the comeback.

Ladell Betts — Made a big play on 3rd-and-12; catching a screen, breaking a tackle and picking up 11. Portis proceeded to pick up the first on 4th-and-1. Also hurt his leg (knee?) late in the game.

leigh-torrence-finger.jpgLOSERS: Leigh Torrence — You don’t lose a game on just one play, but if you could, Torrence lost this one by letting Donnie Avery catch that deep, desperation heave with under a minute left. (Where was Smoot, by the way?) Also, went facemask-to-nose with Rams heach coach Jim Haslett after a punt. Not sure why, but it’s worth mentioning.

Pete Kendall — Caught a deflected Campbell pass in the red zone, tried to advance the ball, coughed it up and watched it go the length of the field the other way for a TD. Epic. Fail.

Durant Brooks — Avereraged 40.4 yards per punt, but that doesn’t tell the story. Drawing boos from the home crowd does. Getting yelled at by teammates does. Shanking one out of your own end zone does. And so on. I was officially wrong about this guy. Derrick Frost still sucks though.

Santana Moss — Dropped as many passes as he caught (two).

Kenny, Moose & Goose — Darryl Johnstone told a never-ending story about how he almost became a Raider instead of a Cowboy. Also, to quote Siragusa, “There’s no reason you don’t kill a fly with a sledgehammer.”

MEDIUM: LaRon Landry — Recovered a fumble, dropped an interception and lit up a Rams receiver.

London Fletcher — The guy was everywhere, as always. Did drop an easy INT though.

Shaun Suisham — Made his eighth FG in a row, then put the ensuing kickoff out of bounds.

Chris Cooley — Killed an early scoring drive with a fumble; the Skins’ first turnover of the season. Later false started on 3rd-and-4. Also, made one of the best catches you’ll ever see.

Jon Jansen — Winner on run blocking, loser on pass protection.

NEXT: Cleveland at Washington Sunday 10/19, 4:15 p.m. ET

20 thoughts on “Redskins-Rams Winners & Losers”

  1. I was missing the creative Z-ball I had become accustomed to week after week today. No reverses, no tricks, no wrinkles…nothing. We looked flat.

    Also, Danny Smith needs to be fired. I don’t know if it’s his fault, but we’ve had more bad than good on special teams this year and somebody needs to take the fall. Derrick Frost still sucks though.

  2. The obvious reasons we lost this game are because of mistakes. Specifically, turnovers and the inability to convert on third downs. This team played like West Canaan after the all-nighter at the strip club. That’s obvious and you don’t need me to tell you that. This is almost excusable, or at least justifiable, given how well this team has played in prior weeks. We won two games we weren’t expected to win, and lost one we should’ve had. Thems the breaks.

    But let me just say this: Durant Brooks is a pile of fucking dogshit. To punt like he did, with his job on the line is just completely pathetic. Performing like that, when your ability, and your pride, and your livelihood is in question doesn’t just reflect on him as a football player, but as a man. He’s a worthless piece of shit, and if Cerrato and Co. don’t cut him this week, then they have no respect for themselves or for us as fans.

    Players make mistakes, as we saw plenty of today, but for Brooks to have his worst fucking game today, after the scrutiny he’s received … well, just fuck that guy. Fuck him.

    And while I’m here, seeing fucking red, allow me to concur with ninefttall: ARE should never return another punt for this team. I’ve never been a kick returner in the NFL, but my understanding of the goal is really fucking crystal clear: catch the ball and run up-fucking-field. You don’t catch it, turn your back to the field and pussy fart around horizontally for a few seconds before getting tackled. F

    Today was a total fucking inexcusable disaster, and I have nothing positive to say for anyone on that team. This is exactly what I was terrified of: Letting the hype get to their heads. As you can see, I’m staying medium as a motherfucker.

  3. I had the privilege of experiencing this miserable game live and in person. A couple thoughts.

    1. Hard to overstate how much the crowd dislikes Brooks. Booed on sight and frankly I think its gotten in his head. He actually had some lucky rolls/bounces today to get a punt down inside the 5 and the 20 but the ball looks awful coming off his foot. Never thought I’d say it but I miss Frost.

    2. Can’t say Zorn was a winner today. Offense looked flat and the turnovers were brutal (I’m not prepared to discuss the play that shall not be named involving one Pete Kendall).

    3. Let me third the no more ARE as punt returner. I get it that we signed him in large part for this role but come on. Its time to move on. Why can’t Rock Cartwright do this? Or maybe even Devin Thomas? ARE either fair catches it or gains 2 yards. That ain’t cutting it.

  4. One thing that kept bugging me…devin thomas, santana moss vs a completely decimated secondary that 1.) sucks and 2.) lost one of its best players DURING THE GAME…

    And we don’t throw one goddamn deep ball outside the cooley circus catch? WHY?

    Keeps being said but we should have been taking shots early and put these jokers away.

    And yeah, cut Brooks. At LEAST bring in vet competition for him. I had high hopes for that guy and he has been the biggest letdown of the year so far.

  5. Alright, I’ve calmed down a bit — the Dallas lost helped a lot. But I must share this: Strahan on FOX just said the Redskins were “handedly beat.”

    Aside from the fact that the word is “handily,” what the fuck is he talking about. We only lost cause of our own mistakes, and even if that wasn’t the case, the Rams needed a last-second field goal to win. Yep. “Handedly” indeed.

  6. Jake, I’m not sure how you pin this one on Zorn. The Skins nearly tripled the Rams on first downs and nearly doubled them in total yards. They lost a nail-biter due to costly turnovers, the kind you can’t really fault a head coach for.

    And what puts him in the “winner” category for me, despite, you know, losing, is that his demeanor is what’s needed when you’re winning at Philly one week and losing at home to St. Louis the next.

    This game sucked, and may come back to bite us in the ass, but we’re 4-2 nonetheless, and I’m glad Zorn is at the helm. Not sure you could convince me I’d be saying that six weeks ago.

  7. I pin it on him because it felt like a letdown game going into it and we lost. 4-1 teams shouldn’t lose to 0-5 teams at home. I don’t think Zorn did anything particularly wrong but the head coach has to take some responsibility for a bad loss at home.

  8. Well, I know the loss puts a damper on things for you ‘Skins fans, but you guys had to see the Mayne Event today right? It was pretty good…

  9. After thinking about this game and what the record is, I will take it. If you look at the season in quarters, they started 3-1 in the first quarter. They are now 1-1 in the second quarter with a chance of being 3-1 after the 2nd quarter and going into/coming out of the bye week.

    But this loss still sucks as most losses do. I also think about losses like this: If you play well and lose, so be it. But if you play like shit and lose, then it seems to be a little worse. And both losses this year have the been the later….

  10. This game stank of TRAP. And the Skins fell into it. Chalk it up to a bad team getting an emotional win for a new coach off of a two week rest. Lets hope the Browns dont replace Anderson next week with Quinn.

    Siragusa made a good point (he must have been watching a Gallagher DVD and tried figure out how to weave killing something with a sledgehammer in this week) about the Redskins. They do not slam the door on anyone. He just made that statement like the mealy lummox he is.

    Also, I have issues with Tony Siragusa and Man Cave in the same sentance.

  11. Couldn’t agree more Jeff V

    And good job with the “winners and losers” post Jamie.

    I just heard Romo has broken finger and is out up to 4 weeks.


    the ‘boys season gets even worse

  12. loser: anyone who watched NFL “experts” after our loss and the ‘boys loss and heard anyone say the NFC south might actually be the strongest division. And i also heard Strahan say handedly and it did not even bother me because A. its statistically all around incorrect, including the 2 point margin and B. he might have said it right if that one big boy tooth ever grew in the front of his dumb ass mouth.

    How can you butcher hip-hip-hooray like he did the week before and then shit on the skins the next when he knows we just took the game to lightly. POS

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