6 thoughts on “Spotted: Bruce Smith Ordering at Panera”

  1. I live in Baltimore, and on Saturday I saw a dude on the corner wearing what I thought was a Sean Taylor “home” jersey (you know, burgundy). I was about to give him a revolutionary drug brothers fist salute, but then he turned around and it was a cotdang Neon Dion jersey. I cant believe those guys had the same number. This team has come a long way from those days. Danny fucking Wuerffel.

  2. Thats an authentic 75th Retro, so it probably cost $300.

    Hard to throw that one away. Kinda like my authentic Champ Bailey Pro Bowl (before everyone had Pro Bowls)

    And for the record, Jay Schreodor nephew works for me, and is a member of the DTC.

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