Jason Campbell Has a Geico Commercial

jason-candle.jpgJC’s obviously having a big year, but there aren’t many non-partisans who thought he was headed that way prior to the season. Count Geico among the believers.

During the broadcast of Skins domination in Philly, Fox played a new Geico spot starring Campbell and a Lumberg-esque agent. It was just OK for me, dawg, but the bigger picture is that a Redskins QB is the spokesman in a national advertising campaign, albeit one that also stars Joan Rivers and Peter Frampton. Campbell’s NFL.com Fantasy Files ad aside, I’m not sure that’s happened since the days of Joe Theismann, and, even then, I’m only guessing as he was such a natural. Just look at him.

Watch Campbell’s Geico ad and decide for yourself whether it’s a good one or not, but this much we know: Our guy is catching up quick to McNabb, Eli and Romo, both on the field and in the bank. And while he fancies himself a Denzel, we all know he’s more of a Billy Dee.

Update: Not sure how I forgot Doug Williams going to Disney World.

Update No. 2: Thanks to Meech, the ad is now found after the jump.

11 thoughts on “Jason Campbell Has a Geico Commercial”

  1. Did you see this in NC or in DC? It’s been airing in DC for a few weeks now, but would be cool if it’s gone national.

  2. omgwtfbbq, I saw it in D.C., along with a half-dozen D.C.-area Skins fans who also hadn’t seen it before. I’m not sure if it’s airing nationally or not, because, when I’m home in NC, I go straight to the Red Zone Channel during timeouts. But based on Geico’s website, there’s no reason to believe that it’s not a national.

  3. I felt that Billy Dee Williams’ role in The Ladies Man remains better than anything Denzel has done.

    If that won’t convince you, he WAS Commander Skylar in “Alien Intruder”

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