4 thoughts on “Video of ARE Leading ‘Hip Hip Hooray!’”

  1. Zorn is a badass. Did you hear him today on the Sports Reporters? He was asked what Campbell needed to improve and he said…..”Well….um….did you see that slide? that was a pretty bad slide for the pros. He needs to work on that slide”

    I love it! It cracks me up because coaches are always saying “he could have done better” but not explaining how when the QB plays a brilliant game. If Campbell only needs to work on the slide we’ll be in solid shape rounding out the first 1/2 of the season…..

    By the way, I found another Hip Hip Hooray shirt at http://www.twod.spreadshirt.com (if this last part comes off as an Ad, please delete it. I was just stoked to find them.)

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