Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today: a 23-17 win over Philly



Clinton Portis. CP continues to party like it’s 2005, and yesterday was his best game of the season. He rushed for 145 at a five-per-carry clip, including a much-deserved TD. But, most importantly, he picked up the game-clinching first down on 4th and 1 with 2:48 left. On top of that, it was CP who called the draw play.

London Fletcher. He may very well be the most important player on this entire team. He runs the show on D, and yesterday he made several game-changing tackles on Westbrook.

Jason Campbell. He continues to “manage the game,” but in a good way, not in a “this guy sucks, please don’t lose it for us by throwing picks” sorta way. Speaking of picks, he still has thrown zero.

The defense. Aside from the Eagles opening drive, the D totally shut-down Philly’s offense. They forced five punts, and made a goal line stand in the 4th (anchored by Rocky and Andre), which held the Eagles to a field goal.

Chris Cooley. A huge game for Cooley — 109 yards on eight catches, capped off by a TD reception on the ARE run-pass option play thingee. Kudos to Cooley for working himself open on a play that didn’t appear to be designed to go to him. Although I haven’t broken down the film yet. UPDATE: I broke down the film (see: watched the replay). It appears that the play was designed for Moss in the corner of the endzone and Cooley was the underneath check-down for ARE.

hiphiphooray.jpgJim Zorn. I’m not sure if it’s getting his players to “stay medium” or his “hip hip hooray” cheers, but whatever he’s doing, it’s working. The team is finding ways to win games that in recent years, they would’ve found ways to lose. Yesterday was a prime example. Speaking of the three cheers, we now gots a shiny new shirt in honor of the Zorn celebration, which he did again yesterday. Get you one.

Shaun Suisham. He went 3/3 on attempts, all three of which were outside of his comfort zone. Which is to say they were all over 40 yards, including the huge 50-yarder he nailed before the half. All of this is enough to overlook his out of bounds kick-off.

The Dirtbags. They opened up big holes for the backs all day, which led to a team rushing total of 203 yards one week after putting up 161 on Dallas.


Antwaan Randel-El. The aforementioned pass to Cooley was awesome, but my man is paid to catch the football, not throw it. He dropped three easy passes.

Durant Brooks. A Vinny Cerrato special. We waste a draft pick on a punter, which means we’re then forced to cut the incumbent, Derrick Frost. Brooks’ four punts yesterday averaged 34 yards.

Devin Thomas. He continues to hold down his weekly spot in the losers section. This time, it was for his blatant pass interference on third down pass to Moss. It brought back both a first down and Santana’s only catch of the day.

The refs. There is simply no explanation for picking up the flag on that block in the back on the Eagles punt return. It’s one thing to miss the penalty, but the ref saw it, threw the flag, and then somehow they decided that a Redskin had blocked his own player in the back. In the refs’ defense, it is pretty difficult to tell burgundy and green apart. The gaffe handed Philly a free touchdown.

Donovan McNabb. Normally, we save this space just for discussing the performance of Redskins personnel, but this post-game quote from McNabb warrants his inclusion:

“There is no way that you can look at this game and say that, and not taking anything away from them, but there is no way that this team is better than us.”

Yep, there’s no way you can say the Skins are better. Aside from the scoreboard, our record and the fact that Washington dominated the game for all but the first eight minutes.

18 thoughts on “Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers”

  1. What, no thx for acdavis on co-writing this one? ;) Glad you guys agreed with some of my thoughts! Also, I agree with rfzonadc that Devin’s time will come.

    Chris Cooley – This is his first big receiving game of the season. He’s been doing his job blocking and his finally getting on the highlight reel. Plus, he didn’t show us his penis this week!!

    The defense – Wow! Besides that TD drive in the 1st Qtr the Eagles couldn’t do anything. Let’s not forget that the 40 yards gain to set up a great skins goal line stand was because Horton forgot to touch WR Brown when he was lying on the ground.

    Suisham – Gold! 3/3 with FGs of 41, 48 and 50 yards

    Randle-El (Starting WR) – dropped 3 important balls in the game. It was painful to watch. Seriously!

    Devin Thomas – I’ve been a big supporter of Thomas, but I’m starting to lose faith. That offensive hold was brutal! He’s got to think before he does stuff like that.

    Refs – I still don’t understand how they pick up that flag for block in the back on the punt return TD. I agree with the logic but I’ve seen them enforce the penalty in similar situations countless times.

  2. It was a joke Chris. Besides, comments can’t really be plagiarized can they?

    On a serious note, I really like the winner/loser thing you do every week.

  3. Chris Mottram’s film breakdowns are legendary.

    And while I agree with Randle El being in the loser section for those awful drops, dude did get screwed when the refs blew the whistle when he wasn’t touched in the second half. Would have been a long TD.

  4. Even if he hadn’t made Trent Cole his bitch all day, Chris Samuels would deserve a win just for this:

    Finally, offensive lineman Chris Samuels located an Eagles fan, spread his massive arms wide, smiled and bellowed, “It ain’t too late to be a Redskins fan!”

  5. Id like to see the Skins really take a team apart. Theyve played good enough to win and making plays when they must, which is great and you love to see it.

    I want to see an abject ass whipping though. The D did it for three quarters yesterday. Id like to see the offense put up a 30 or 40 point effort sometime soon. Just to give other teams something to think about.

  6. One thing I’ve been focused on this season is how well Cooley is developing as a run blocker. He couldn’t block like that two years ago. We’re averaging 146 rushing yards a game! He’s becoming the best tight end in the NFL…if the least well endowed.

  7. I was really disappointed with how this season was shaping up for Cooley before this game. He had barely been thrown to until this week when he absolutely exploded. I’ve got to agree though that his blocking has improved significantly. The man is a talent in run or pass scenarios.

    I talked to an Eagles fan today who still thinks the Redskins are the worst team in the division. What are these people smoking?

  8. I’d have to go ahead and disagree with you, JDP. Aside from Week 1, he’s been as much a part of the offense as I think you can expect a TE to be. In the three games before yesterday, he was averaging 57 yards and nearly six catches per.

    He’s on pace for over 75 receptions and 900 yards. Those would be the best numbers of his career.

  9. Great quote from Philly Inquirer
    “Not taking anything away from them, but there is no way this team is better than us,” Donovan McNabb said, after the Redskins (4-1) ran for 203 yards to 58 for the Eagles (2-3), outgained the Eagles 388 total yards to 254, piled up 22 first downs to the Eagles’ 14, continued their streak of no offensive turnovers in 2008, and converted 10 of their final 15 third downs, after starting out 1-for-4, while the Eagles managed all of three first downs, total, after the first quarter.

  10. No traps. No let downs. Focus strictly on ass beatings for the next three weeks, because thats a monster schedule after week 8.

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