My Old Professor Is Slangin’ Mason Rings

masonring.jpgA few years ago, while struggling through my sixth year of college, I took a sports ethics course at Mason. It was a requirement for my Sport Management major, an area of study limited to athletes and people who couldn’t hack it anywhere else within the University, like me. The only thing I remember about the class is sitting next to Jai Lewis all three or four times that I actually went.

But when I saw this post on the Mason Blog, the name attached to it — Maurice Scherrens — rang a bell. Turns out that, yep, that was my sports ethics professor. Which makes this all the more ironic:

Two “George Mason Final Four 2006 Championship” rings are listed on eBay currently. One here and another here. In the description the seller claims to have gotten them from a pawn shop in Virginia and that they are both from the same player. So naturally I’m thinking Tony Skinn. Yet if you look at the engravings the name on each ring reads “Scherrens”.

The rings are currently going for a few hundred bucks each, which is significantly more than the zero dollars I’d pay for them. Although it is odd that a man making 230 grand a year needed some extra pocket change by pawning his rings. This has the makings of the biggest scandal Old Town Fairfax has seen since the changing of Ned Devine’s to the Auld Shebeen rocked the town to its core. The 22030’s douchie nightclubs posing as Irish pubs industry hasn’t been the same since.

Also, if you’d like to hear a really cool story(!) about the day Mason made it to the Final Four, check out The Big Lead. That man is the greatest story teller of our generation.

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