Zorn Goes Old School With Three Cheers

I saw this following the game on Sunday shortly after they showed Snyder going all Michael Scott, but was already nose-deep in a celebratory bowl of chili and couldn’t grab it. Priorities and shit.

Luckily, The Zone Blitz saw it too, and did some television photography of their own. They were also clever enough to travel back to the 70s and grab video of George Allen doing the same cheer. It wasn’t cool then and it’s not cool now, which by the Law of Ironic Coolness, makes this totally awesome:

While we’re here, it should be mentioned that The Zone Blitz also called Allen the “Redskins’ greatest coach ever.” That’s interesting considering Allen never won a Super Bowl, but this other Skins coach named Joe Gibbs won three. Wait, maybe they were being sarcastic? No, that wouldn’t make sense either seeing as Allen was actually successful.

(Found via Terl at the Skins Blog. Thanks, brah.)

5 thoughts on “Zorn Goes Old School With Three Cheers”

  1. That is excellent, but what about a modern of update of this dity?

    Hooray for George
    Hooray at last,
    Hooray for George,
    He’s a real horse’s ass

  2. Fun Bunch celebration = 15 yard celebration penalty (unless they go Icky Woods and do it on the sidelines)

    Yeah, the NFL is gay sometimes.

  3. Zorn kept it classic, downright nautical even. At least he didnt ask for the current cliche celebratory cheer du jour, the Spartan “A-HOO!” from 300.

    Found this interesting nugget on the origins of “Hip Hip Horray” which makes it’s use in the case of the Skins win very appropriate, minus the Jew hunting aspect of it.

    HIP! HIP! HURRAH! – “The old story here can be taken for what it’s worth, which isn’t much. Hip, we’re told, derives from the initials of the Latin words ‘Hiersolyms est perdita,’ ‘Jerusalem is destroyed.’ German knights, not a very bright bunch, were supposed to have known this and shouted ‘hip, hip!’ When they hunted Jews in the persecutions of the Middle Ages. ‘Hurrah!’ by the same strained imagining, is said to be a corruption of the Slavonic word for Paradise (hu-raj).

    Therefore, if you ever shout ‘hip! hip! hurrah!’ You are supposedly shouting: ‘Jerusalem is destroyed (the infidels are destroyed) and we are on the road to Paradise!’ There is not the slightest proof of any this, and the phrase, which doesn’t date back earlier than the late 18th century, almost certainly comes to us from the exclamation ‘hip, hip, hip!’ earlier used in toasts and cheers, and ‘huzza,’ an imitative sound expressing joy and enthusiasm.

    From “The Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins” by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997).

    September 28th 2008
    Hiersolyms est perdita.
    Redskins 26 Cowboys 24

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