Poll: Who’s the Redskins’ Greatest Rival?

nfc-east-ornaments.jpgI’ve always considered Dallas to be the Skins’ greatest rival and assumed everyone else did too. Probably because it’s regarded as one of the great rivalries in all of sports, and also because that’s how I was raised. But then I wrote about the Skins-Cowboys new classics, and the first two comments, including one from my brother, said Philly was Washington’s No. 1 rival. I’d never heard that before, and Chris provides half the posts and all the humor here, so let’s address it.

One way of doing so would be to look back over time to see how I’d rank the Skins’ NFC East rivalries 20 years ago, 10 years ago and today …

1988 — 1) Dallas: They sucked then, but the hate was still there. 2) New York: The Giants kicked ass during this period, with Gibbs, Parcells and Walsh swapping Super Bowls five straight years. 3) Philly: They were good, but always the bridesmaid. Plus, it was tough being a kid and NOT rooting for Randall Cunningham. 4) Phoenix: Oh how we miss them so!

1998 — I really don’t recall because I was delivering chicken wings every Sunday, but if I had to take a gander 1) Dallas: Just because. 2) Philly: My buddy Tony from PA talked way too much shit. 3) New York: They sucked as bad as the Skins in the mid-to-late ’90s.

2008 —  1) Dallas: They’re good again, and as obnoxious as ever. Lord that win felt good. 2) Philly: The class of the division this decade, and those fans … whew. 3) New York: A mutual respect seems to have developed here. I was even rooting for them to beat New England in the Super Bowl, which never would’ve happened had Dallas or Philly made it.

And another way would be to put it to a vote. May the worst team win …

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17 thoughts on “Poll: Who’s the Redskins’ Greatest Rival?”

  1. “including one from my brother, said Philly was Washington’s No. 1 rival.”

    I never said that. I said I hate Philly fans more, but I’d rather beat Dallas. Still, it’s a tough call for me, if we’re basing this on biggest rival right now. I’d still learn towards Dallas just cause of the history and stuff. But, shit, I really, really hate Philly …

  2. Yea I still think Dallas is our biggest rival but I just think Philly is a very close second. Mostly, Philly just seems to have more characteristics of a normal rivalry because of their close proximity and douchebaggery.

    It certainly helps that Dallas has really hatable players though.

  3. PS- I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that Dallas is our #2 rival.

    Its sort of like the difference between Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller (6 years ago). Ben Stiller was on fire and probably more popular then but De Niro was still the man.

    That’s how I feel about the Eagles and Cowboys. The Eagles are more on my radar now but the Cowboys are more legit in the long haul.

  4. It will always be Dallas. Their founding owner backmailed GPM into voting for an expansion team by copyrighting Hail to the Redskins. The rivalry was embedded day one and will always be there.

    With that said, Phily fans are the worst. But they are easy to shut up since they haven’t won a Super Bowl. Hell, that city has won a professional championship in over 100 combined seasons.

  5. I’d have to say the Falcons when Dan Henning went there in 1983. Nothing made my blood boil hotter than watching William Andrews run some pale imitation of the counter trey behind RC Thielemann. What a traitor. After that, definitely Cowboys.

  6. Dallas is a big rival, as are the Giants.

    But as of late, Philly not only has been the best team in the division overall, their fans always try and take over FedEx Field.

    I vote Philly.

    I hate Philly. I hate the team. I hate the fans. I hate the city. I hate the motherfucking state of PA!

    Hit a Motherfucking Eagle Fan!

    Thats what I say!

  7. Got to be the ‘Boys, but Philly has become an awfully close second. The nastiness that has defined so many games against the Iggles is key to the reality that I want to beat the Eagles almost as much as the Cowgirls.

    The Giants, for whatever reason, I completely agree with Jamie on what has developed with the G-Men, it’s kinda fucked up, but that’s the way it is.

  8. Growing up between Balt/DC and Philly in the 70s and 80s, it seems that Dallas was both the biggest rival of both Washington and Philadelphia. But, to Dallas, Washington was the biggest rival.

    For balance, it should be Dallas/Washington and Philly/New York, just so every had their own distinct Biggest Rival.

  9. Under the radar skins rivals are Seattle and Tampa. These are the teams that have really caused us the most pain in recent years.
    But fuck the Cowboys.

  10. Maybe this is a geography question?

    I’m in Texas so you know I hate and have to deal with Cowboys fans more than anyone. We don’t have Philly or Giants fans here.

  11. Hard to explain, but I hate the Eagles more, but want the Skins to beat the Cowboys more. Like, the Eagles is a more visceral hate probably because their fans are spawns of Satan’s proctologist. While the Cowboys fans are just kind of lame. Also, they have to live in Texas.

    I just remember Andre Waters, the bodybag game, etc.

    And my fiancee once asked why we didn’t split the difference between living in DC, where our families are, and NYC, where we are now but don’t like very much, and just live in Philly. She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t live there solely based on how much I hate their teams.

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