LaRon Landry Remains Modest

When you see LaRon’s Hummer pictured below, I know what you’re gonna think: That’s a man who craves attention. But it ain’t even about that. No, LaRon upgraded from the stock 20s to the 30s for one reason only: because that’s his jersey number. If that’s some sort of theme amongst NFL players, I’d love to see the rims on Jason Taylor’s ride.


Really, compared to the F-650 and the lime Lambo, this Hummer is about as head-turning as Jamie’s ’01 Maxima (it still has all four hubcaps!). But none of those three rides are Landry’s favorites, as he told Matt Terl:

I have two favorites. My Benz – I have an S63 AMG Benz, y’know, that’s the all around great ride for me. And my Corvette, I love my Corvette probably a little bit more than my Lamborghini, because … it’s not that it’s a better car, it’s that if you’re gonna spend that much money on a Lamborghini you wanna take care of it. But with the Vette, I’ve done a lot of upgrades to my Vette: changed my heads, the cams, all kinds of stuff.

Right, that makes sense. Any fool knows that a ‘Vette is totally just your typical, run-of-the-mill $55,000 beater ride; not something you’d actually wanna take good care of.


4 thoughts on “LaRon Landry Remains Modest”

  1. He also mentions a Range Rover in the interview. So that’s six whips.

    Add in the Skins game bus, and that man has a ride for every day of the week.

    Also… I am ashamed of myself for using the term whips.

  2. Can someone explain to me why whip = car?

    I feel like I’m young enough that I understand most slang (in spite of my whiteness) but this one never made sense to me.

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