Countdown to Epic Fail: T-Minus 1

With the Nats on the cusp of their first 100-loss season, we will countdown to the momentous occasion here after each loss leading up to the milestone.


After Tim Redding’s outstanding 2 2/3-inning, seven-run performance last night against the Marlins (he came up short of his career high 11th win), the moment is upon us: We are one loss from 100.  Man, we’ve come a long way. Shit, it seems like only yesterday that we were 10 losses from this thing actually happening. Maybe that’s ’cause it was just 14 days ago.

The Nats have four games left to reach the milestone, but we’d really like to see them get it out of the way tonight, at home, in front of the dozens of loyal fans who have been there for the highs and lows. But mostly the lows. Lots and lots of lows. Those fans deserves to witness this ultimate mark of ineptitude.

Whenever it happens, we have, um, big, big plans. Yep, lots of stuff planned here for the 100th loss. Unless it happens on Sunday, in which case we probably won’t notice.

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6 thoughts on “Countdown to Epic Fail: T-Minus 1”

  1. I know for a fact that at least 5 Marlins were out with a group of DC based girls on Tuesday Night doing shots and who knows what else until well past 2am. Several of the girls called in sick on Wednesday.

    I only mention this because I thought this inside information combined with my addiction to gambling would have resulted in me cleaning up by betting on the Nats last night. Thanks for not showing up against a half drunk opponent. Awesome.

    Hey, at least I’m not a Mets fan!

  2. I went to the game last night and Zimm didn’t even play. I did not pay to see Pete Orr at 3rd base. Seriously, there is a reason I always try to get seats on the 3rd baseline!

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