Larry Michael: La Canfora Could Be a Spy


We wish this was satire. But we’re afraid it’s not. Here is, verbatim, what Larry Michael said on Comcast’s Redskins Nation yesterday:

And again, it really smacks of unprofessionalism, and a big concern that I have is that he’s in this building, ok? Uh, what stops him from leaking—with this hateful spirit that he has—what stops him from leaking information to other teams? How ’bout that, Redskins fans? How would you feel about that? How would you like it if you found out, ‘Well, he could possibly be a source for a Dallas newspaper?’ If you’re a Redskins fan, you’ve gotta be worried about this, you’ve got to be scared a little bit about what he could do. How he could leak information from this building to the opposition. This IS pro football. Other teams LOVE getting inside information. Maybe he IS a source elsewhere. How can our players speak to him without knowing this information will not be passed off to harm them in a ball game somewhere along the way? Why this hatred of our team, the Redskins, Redskins Nation? Of course, the Sourcerer is Jason La Canfora, but you already knew that, didn’t you? What do you think, Redskins Nation? Love to hear your thoughts.

Yeah, maybe he’s giving Pentagon secrets to Al Qaeda. He works at the Post, and people at the Post have contacts to high ranking military officials. So what do you think about that, Americans? Hmmm? You know what? What would you think if we told you he organized 9/11? How would that strike your fancy, Nation? Look, let’s not get carried away, but what I’m trying to say here, fans, is that Jason La Canfora is Osama bin Laden. Love to hear you thoughts on that. 

But seriously, La Canfora is the one who “smacks of unprofessionalism,” yet Michael is on television outright suggesting the La Canfora is capable of, or actually is, giving insider info to the Cowboys? And while La Canfora is apparently “in the building”? Perhaps Michael should try talking to La Canfora about his concerns of espionage. Or, better yet, just stop outright slandering a man who cannot defend himself.

This really has gotten way out of hand. First, Vinny Cerrato incorrectly accuses La Canfora of something JLC never did, and now they are trying to scare the fans into thinking that he could potentially harm the team on the field by giving out insider info.

Oh, and while we’re here, please stop referring to our fan base as “Redskins Nation.” This isn’t fucking Boston and we’re not a pack of blowhard douchebags. Unlike Larry Michael, Vinny Cerrato and Co.

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  1. Does this douchebaggery know no end? I guess you can’t call it twisted logic when it seems to be the norm “in the building.”

    Here’s what gets me… after almost a decade of mostly FAIL (we had that playoff win and the Brunell record… plllbbtt), I can’t believe that any Skins fans would take ANYTHING said by this front office at face value.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Larry the idiot, one of the seriously bad mistakes Snyder has made, Herzogg was THE voice of the Redskins and on my mind, always will be.

    But what exactly DIDN’T LaConfora Do?
    The league’s response to the WaPo was:

    “Jason LaCanfora called our office and said that Vinny Cerrato was talking in specifics on his radio show about the Raiders’ coaching position. Jason wanted to know if that could possibly be a tampering issue. Jason has been told that there is no general prohibition against publicly talking about another team’s players or staff. It routinely occurs throughout the league.”

    And if it was so damn innocent on LaConfora’s part, why would the league have felt the need to call Cerrato and let him know about this phone call?
    Sorry guys, but that sounds an awful lot like LaConfora wasn’t just investigating, but LOOKING FOR AN ISSUE when he likely already knew there wasn’t one. And it’s not like his record of “reporting” would suggest any different. Snyder and Cerrato have done enough on their own to criticize, why try to create? Might it have something to do with the fact that the team happens to look decent right now? As LaConfora wrote when Cerrato got his “promotion”, it’s all on Cerrato now, if the team continues to lose, it’s on him, no body to hide behind.
    But maybe LaConfora sees a problem, the team may have had a decent draft, may have selected the right head coach, and my be on the way to being a truly improved football team. LaConfora had to find something to bitch about, so he tried to create it. Personally, I’m a Skins fan not a LaConfora fan, and have little use for that jackass’s writing, I get plenty of the negative stuff from the many other writer’s at the WaPo and many other outlets and I have no problem with that, but his efforts to find negatives and take jabs at Snyder and Cerrato in most every piece he writes pits him directly against the Redskins (not just Snyder and Cerrato), and when someone does that, to me, they lose. There aren’t many Skins fans with any real knoweledge that are “proud” of this organization as it has been since Gibbs left the first time, but do we really need a beat reporter with a very clear and public hatred for this organization to add to past issues? In case anyone hadn’t noticed, Archiletta and Loyyd seem to have shaken these guys up quite a bit, the course they’ve been on since seems pretty good to me. And before those two Gibbs/Cerrato/Snyder had done a pretty decent job with their free agent work. Gibbs was the one looking for quick fixes with the draft pick trades cuz he thought he had a team that could make a run.

    And the “Redskins Nation” is crap, it would be nice if we could come up with something original, but since it’s not there, don’t coattail it Michael.

  3. Mr. BluCollar Redskin, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, conjecturing response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this comment board is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  4. Appreciate the prayers Bucktown.

    My point Chris was asking what it was that “JLC never did”? It’s in the post.

    And I agreed with your assessment on what Michael said, he’s an idiot. That’s in there too.

  5. First of all, anyone who knows JLC knows he’s a Ravens fan, so the idea of him being an “inside source” for other NFL teams is just hilarious. What’s he going to tell them, that Malcolm Kelly’s going on the PUP list?

    My chief problem with this situation is that it’s a stupid ongoing fight. JLC treats covering the Redskins like it’s a coverup-loving, dark, secretive and liar-filled organization, and the Redskins treat JLC like he’s somehow a traitor for not recognizing their awesomeness. The potshots are just tiresome – the laughable radio show quotes from Cerrato versus the “I’m glad we don’t have a coach who asks people to pray for the players any more” lines from JLC. Vindictive is a nice word for what they are.

    More coverage, less paper vs. team squabbles. Oh, I’m the scrappy reporter so brave taking on an industry built on men in tight pants hitting each other, and oh, I’m the multibillion dollar organization whining about unfair coverage. It’s so freaking cliche. These people clearly hate each other. I really don’t see why we should give a damn. I’m a Calvinist: I just go on assuming they all suck, so that way I’m pleasantly surprised if they don’t.

  6. Yeah, we already went over it, I was just responding to it being brought back up again. And since my last point wasn’t addressed I guess I felt the need to respond to it now.

    And Cerrato didn’t say that LaConfora “accused” them of tampering, semantics don’t make any of it OK.

  7. @BluCollar

    Considering you like Ben’s point of view, what bothers you more:

    The Redskins GM engaging in a continual pissing match with a beat writer or a beat writer engaging in a continual pissing match with the Redskins GM?

    It seems like you’re more concerned with what some beat writer is spending his time doing as opposed to what THE GUY WHO RUNS THE FUCKING REDSKINS is spending his time doing.

    Get your priorities in check.

    P.S. I fucking love CAPS LOCK

  8. LOL

    I am not worried about either one really, Cerrato isn’t the only one putting together player lists, he is only a small part of that job. That’s all EVERY GM does with EVERY TEAM IN EVERY SPORT. Some are more involved than others sure, but the reality is that a fucking radio show isn’t gonna make or break Cerrato’s ability or inability to do his job, wake the fuck up. And last time I checked, THIS FRONT OFFICE, AS IT IS RIGHT NOW, ISN’T THE SAME AS IT HAS BEEN FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS. SO JUDGING THE SKINS FO NOW, CAN’T BE DONE YET, IT’S THEIR FIRST FUCKING YEAR! YEAH, CAPS LOCK IS OK.
    My concern in regards to LaConfora is the fact that the prick considers it part of his job to disparage the Skins. Period. If the guy would just report, just analyze(which is a joke anyway, he’s a football idiot), and stop making it a point to take shots, it wouldn’t piss me off so much. I never liked LaConfora for this kind of stuff to begin with, so this only added to my problem with the guy.

  9. I have trolled this blog for a few days now. It seems that the only place that this story has any traction is on the blogs, particularly RI where I freaking live I am sad to say, and in the thing that crawled up Larry Michael’s ass and died.

    Now Up till Monday night I always figured this was just a chapter in the childish fight between Vinny and LaC, but now that Larry (I wanna be a mobster) Michael’s has done 2 TV segments about this “story”, its a clear witch hunt. Larry Michael is a stain on the jersey of the Redskins Organization. Just remember everyone a little bit of each jersey you buy goes to that numbskull.

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