Redskins-Cardinals Winners & Losers

portis-pockets-straight.jpgWhere we hand out labels following each Redskins game. Today’s case is a 24-17 win over Arizona

WINNERS: Clinton Portis and Chris Cooley — Each had a tumultuous week off the field and in the media, but both came up big in the 4th quarter to help seal the win.

Jim Zorn — The first drive was perfection, as was the second touchdown drive midway through the 3rd. Everything in between was misery. But he did weather a tough call gone wrong in the 4th (attempting a 52-yard FG to seal the game rather than pinning AZ with a punt) to get the ball back and cement the win with play-action to Cooley; the second week in a row he’s finished off a win by passing in a run situation. He now stands tall as a winner through three games, even if that mock turtleneck-pleated khackis combo has to go.

Jason Campbell — Completed 73%. Threw for two scores and zero picks. Led the team in rushing going into the 4th. Continues to come of age.

Santana Moss — Scored for the fifth straight game and is on pace for 101 catches and 1,472 yards, which would be just shy of his franchise record.

Leigh Torrence — Caused the crucial Carlos Rogers INT by knocking a deep ball high in the air. Just a huge play from an unheralded player.

Carlos Rogers — Actually caught the ball. Returned it 42 yards too. Also recovered a fumble.

LaRon Landry — Saved a TD by knocking the ball out of Larry Fitzgerald’s hands in the endzone. A great play that led to AZ settling for a FG.

Rocky McIntosh — Forced a fumble early, got a sack late.

Todd Yoder — Scored a rare TD, though Kenny Albert did let it be known that his wife is an ex-pro football player.

White-on-white unis — The second straight win in all white.

Microsoft — The ‘I’m a PC’ commercial is a good one. And, yes, I’m a PC.

cowboys-fan-sleeps-tonight.jpgLOSERS: The FedEx Field crowd — Seemed dead, or maybe that was just this guy.

Rush defense — Edge James and Tim Hightower got a consistent five yards per.

Durant Brooks — Netted 42 yards per punt, but still got chewed out by Zorn for something he did on Suisham’s 52-yard miss.

Reed Doughty — Got burnt to a crisp on Fitzgerald’s 62-yard TD, which was the only real blemish for an otherwise sparkling pass defense.

Devin Thomas — Got called for not one but two offensive pass interference calls, which equals his number of career catches, but also had a pretty 16-yard run and was on the receiving end of a wide open TD bomb that didn’t count thanks to …

Stephon Heyer — Was knocked out of the game early, but returned to get called for unnecessary roughness, thus negating Thomas’s would be TD. I still don’t know what his injury was or why he was flagged for roughness, probably because of …

Kenny, Moose and Goose — Ugh.

NEXT: Washington at Dallas Sunday 9/28, 4:15 p.m. ET

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16 thoughts on “Redskins-Cardinals Winners & Losers”

  1. Rogers and Doughty are both straddling the winner/loser line. Doughty forced that fumble with a big hit and Rogers had a pass interference on 3 and 10 that lead to a huge AZ touchdown. Not sure about your placement of those two guys, brah.

    Devin Thomas, however, seems to have a permenant spot reserved in the loser section.

  2. The biggest loser- Devin Thomas.

    If he could rap like Malcolm Kelly, at least he’d have a redeemable quality. As it stands, simply having the appearance of a Sean John model ain’t gonna get it done.

  3. Well if McIntosh got credit that’s clearly a mistake. It’s not difficult to tell Doughty and Rocky apart, and it was clearly the former that caused that fumble.

    Rogers’ interference seemed pretty obvious to me. He grabbed a handful of jersey.

  4. Good job with the winners and losers this week. Goose is the worst sideline reporter in the history of the NFL. He is like a John Madden with double the weight and half the brains.

    Stephon Heyer’s penalty was BS. You are supposed to play until the whistle blows. As long as he doesn’t hit the guy in the back then you cannot penalize him, cheap shot or not. Think of how many times a punt coverage man is picked off on the opposite side of the play, it happens all the time and penalties are never called. I don’t see the difference here. While I think Doughty is pretty much always a loser the TD was not his fault. I doubt the plan is to have Doughty matched up against Fitzgerald with no help. This was a blown coverage by Landry who attempted to jump a route. Doughty cannot be expected to cover one of the best receivers in the league one on one, no safety can.

    The team looks good though. I thought Zorn called a brilliant game for the most part. It is so refreshing to see an actual offense out there. I hope you guys are as excited as I am. If we can somehow pull out a win in Big D next week I think we got a shot at the NFC East.

  5. C-Los’ pick was stunning. Over the course of his career, how many have hit him right in the hands only to fall to the turf? Seems like he flubs about two picks a game. That one he catches?!? I still can’t wrap my head around it. Incredible.

    Great game. I reckoned we’d be able to beat them on the line of scrimmage both ways and that we’d win if we managed the clock well and didn’t suck on special teams. Fun watching JC’s development. Better every week.

  6. I still cannot figure out the Heyer roughness penalty. He put a legal block on the lineman while Campbell still had the ball. Whatever the reason for the flag, La Canfora seems to agree w/ it: “the Heyer personal foul just can’t happen, Have no idea what got into him there and I can only think it was a payback for something he deemed to be dirty against him from earlier in the game.”

  7. Hi everyone!

    Chris, everyone in the media room credited McIntosh with that fumble. Doughty came in a split second after Rocky, was the way I saw it. Were we totally wrong?

  8. The call against Heyer was horrible.

    This isn’t Warren Sapp blindsiding some guy on an interception return (can’t remember specifics of that one, except that the victim was little more than a bystander during the play) – this is an offensive lineman protecting the QB against the pass rush. Where’s the personal foul?

  9. Even after the win, I will still hot about the Heyer call.

    What is with the announcers bailing the refs out: “Oh, Dockett wasn’t even looking, that’s not right.” Last time I checked, this isn’t the ballet, you are going to get one in the chops every now and then. His hands weren’t in his face, and the play was still in the area. Horrendous call.

  10. “Netted 42 yards per punt, but still got chewed out by Zorn for something he did on Suisham’s 52-yard miss.”

    I didn’t get that either until a read a quote from Zorn today in the post about how Brooks was calling for the snap before the ref had actually put the ball down and that it messed up Suisham.

    I think Zorn used the phrase “we iced our own kicker…”

  11. WINNER-Mayor: Scored 2 Club Levels at the last minute from some frantic non NFL fan who just wanted anything he could get for his extra tickets.

    I talked him down to $40, but he forgot to take my money he was in that big of a hurry!

    Then when we get there, some dude starts givving me guff for sitting in his dada companys seats.

    I then taught him about possesion, versus not having possesion, then ten minutes later his girlfriend and mine rediscover they were best friends in high school, now the Mayor has 4 tickets to that section for every game left this season, andgit them for free.

    I have dated my GF for 2 years, and by far this is her crowning acheivement in the duration.

    She just extended her contract for 3 more months!

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