Countdown to Epic Fail: T-Minus 5

With the Nats on the cusp of their first 100-loss season, we will countdown to the momentous occasion here after each loss leading up to the milestone.


Now, I don’t mean to imply that HKeith here, who left us this photo in the comments, is somehow an epic failure. But, alas, it’s impossible to avoid that implication by including his photo in this post. Rest assuring HKeith, and any other Mr. Walk-Off shirt owners, you are not failures. I think there are at least four young ladies who would attest to that. Seriously though, whenever I rock my Mr. Walk-Off to the Teeter, or wherever, the bitches go crazy. And by “go crazy,” I mean they walk past me without making eye contact. I can tell they want it, though. Bitches be playin’ hard to get and shit. I can dig. “Meet me in the pre-packaged deli meats section, aisle 8, which yo sexy ass shirt” is what they be tryin’ to say.

Oh, and the Nats lost. Five games from 100, nine games left. And Chico Harlan is still MIA. We have men combing every insane asylum within a 50-mile radius of Nationals Park and divers searching the depths of the Anacostia.

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8 thoughts on “Countdown to Epic Fail: T-Minus 5”

  1. What if you’re wearing Mr. Walkoff on your chest and you are a lady? I don’t want to send you a picture of my shirt only to get branded as an epic fail….

  2. I think all girl’s bags look like backpacks. I deserve the posterization for violating my #1 rule of fandom: never watch with chicks. Aside from smurphette above b/c she is clearly the shit.

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