Countdown to Epic Fail: T-Minus 6

With the Nats on the cusp of their first 100-loss season, we will countdown to the momentous occasion here after each loss leading up to the milestone.


It’s really getting down to the wire here, people. After dropping last night’s game to the Mets (did Chico Harlan quit?), there are only 10 games left, and the Nats have to lose six to reach the 100-loss mark we so desperately want to see achieved. If they fall short — say, only lose 99 games — then this entire series of posts will be a failure more epic than Washington’s season. That, of course, would assume this entire series isn’t already a failure, which is up for debate.

Here’s the fun part though: The Nats could potentially ruin Philly’s season, just as they helped crush the Mets’ postseason dreams last year. They end the year with a three-game set in Philly. The way things look right now, those three games could very well decide not only the NL East, but the NL Wild Card, as well. As I’ve said before, I’d rather see the Mets in and the Phillies out, but I also need the Nats to lose 100. I’m really torn here …

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9 thoughts on “Countdown to Epic Fail: T-Minus 6”

  1. I can’t wait for the hapless Nats to ruin philly’s season. I’m in philly and went to the last series the Nats had here and the look on the Phillies fans’ faces when we won a pretty meaningless 1 out of 3 was delicious. Can’t wait for the faces when we knock them out of the playoffs. Heres to the mets and brewers making it in and the Nats still getting worst in the league. Stupid philly fans.

    p.s. i’ve been reading for a while but this is my first post, do i get a t shirt now?

  2. I was at the game last night and I could really get a sense of why the Mets seem to go down this time of year. Everybody is just hanging out goofing off. I don’t see any reason for today’s starter, Oliver Perez, to be diving for BP pop flys. I don’t see any reason for these guys to look like they’re having fun at all.

    Bt dubbs, I don’t think this shirt has been relevant since I bought it but I still love it. Keep up the great work.

  3. Oh, watercooler was using that as a way of giving us shit for not posting about Gil yet. Well, Jamie was going to, but he’s too distraught (either that, or the baby calls). I was going to, but then I remember I don’t give a shit about the first month of NBA basketball. Or, really, any other month, for that matter.

  4. Meanwhile, I’M counting up (on MY Nats blog, on FanNation) to 63.
    Way I see it, ONE of us is gonna eat a BOATLOAD of crow 10 days (or less) from now.

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