B-Mitch Wants to ‘Step to’ Clinton Portis


Clinton Portis is good at football and Brian Mitchell is not good at broadcasting, so you know which side I’m taking in this battle for respect. (Plus, B-Mitch be hatin’.) Aside from that, there’s not much to add to what’s already a must-hear interview from yesterday’s John Thompson Show.

Portis vs. B-Mitch on the John Thompson show (mp3)

For more, read Steinz’ 13-part breakdown, which is an excellent companion to the interview itself, and The Player Hater’s Ball and Stet Sports too.

Update: As suggested, we’ve created the “Portis pocket’s straight” t-shirt.

10 thoughts on “B-Mitch Wants to ‘Step to’ Clinton Portis”

  1. 1) Portis keeps his pockets straight = New Mr. I T-shirt.

    2) John Thompson’s Whuppin Stick – Fantasy Football Team Name/gay joke

  2. I think Portis was out of line here. It’s weird I like your guys blog more than others yet I find myself “hating” in the comments section more and more. Maybe that’s why I keep reading. Your like the Ying to my Yang.

    As far as the T-shirt goes it should just be simply “Portis Pockets Straight” which is what he actually said in the interview. Out.

  3. I like the t-shirt idea – I would buy one.

    As far as the Bitchell vs. Portis confrontation – fuck Brian Mitchell in his ear. That POS turncoat shouldn’t even be on DC TV, I don’t know why he was ever hired.

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