Randle El: Baby Mama Drama Ain’t Cool

randleel.jpgMatt Terl over at the Skins Blog posted an interview today with Antwaan Randle El. It pretty much covered the subdued topics you’d expect from a laid-back, devout Christian like ARE. Topics like the game on Sunday, watchin’ movies with his lady, the recovery process, his Life Skills class … wait … what’s that about baby mamas?

ARE: This Monday we also had Life Skills.

Skins Blog: And what’s that, exactly?

ARE: Life skills is about life, and the things that happen in life. If you’re married, how to deal with your marriage. For guys who like to go out to the clubs late, how do you go out to the clubs late and protect yourself? Do you take somebody with you? Do you have a bodyguard? If you take somebody with you, they have to understand that if something goes down, we’ve gotta get out. They have to understand that, if you’re going with me, people are going to test you to get to me. So that’s the kind of thing they talk about.

They talked about other life things, like, having a baby mama, for instance, and how to deal with that. You hate for it to happen, but it DOES happen, and you’ve gotta deal with situations like that.

Oh shit, Life Skills is about life. Alright, cause I thought maybe it was a cooking class, or something. But yeah, it sure is unfortunate when a player knocks up his girl — hate to see that shit go down, man. Hate it. Next thing you know, bitch gonna want half, come all up in your shit talkin’ bout child support and all that blazay-blah. Nah, see, players in the NFL can’t be hearin’ all that. What you gots to do is either get that baby “takin’ care of” or just deny, deny, deny. Shit can’t be yours, you was in training camp when it was conceived, or some shit. Besides, everybody know that bitch a ho any damn way.

So yeah, Life Skills basically teaches players essential stuff like that.

9 thoughts on “Randle El: Baby Mama Drama Ain’t Cool”

  1. While I think it is admirable that “Life Skills” training may assist fathers in dealing with Baby Mamas, I would be perfectly comfortable leaving that up to the state. Child support is not a life skill. It is a legal requirement.

  2. OK, but what am this Kingfish shit you be talkin’ on here?? Ain’t you peoples forgot Amos ‘n’ Andy gots took off the air by the NAACP cause they be thinkin’ it be racist and shit??
    Holy mackerel, what am we opened up here??

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