Countdown to Epic Fail: T-Minus 7

With the Nats on the cusp of their first 100-loss season, we will countdown to the momentous occasion here after each loss leading up to the milestone.


Yesterday’s 8-7 loss seemed to be the most fitting of “Epic Fail” since we started this countdown (a countdown, I might add, that is becoming slightly tedious. Now I almost understand how Chico Harlan feels). The Nats were cruising along, leading 6-1 in the eighth behind the strength of young Collin Balester’s 6 2/3 innings, one run performance. But, the wheels fell off the Nats’ jalopy that is this season quickly and painfully. Four different pitchers combined to give up seven runs in the eighth. The Nats went on to lose 8-7, extending their losing streak to five and leaving us just seven losses from the moment we’re all waiting for. With 13 games left to play, we’re confident they can do it.

Alright, sorry for playing Debbie Downer. You may continue with your regularly scheduled Redskins rejoicing now.

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