13 thoughts on “Best. Celebration. Ever.”

  1. Roy Williams breaks his arm and is gonna miss at least 3 weeks. FUCK! that means that Tana cannto burn his ass over and over again for long TD passes in week 4! (only brought up because he is pictured above getting toasted…again)

  2. I’d love for Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelly or Fred Davis to have the chance to do something that stupid. Alas, those three have 3 catches for 17 yards through two games, while DeSean has 12 for 216.

  3. I think you have to also consider the Redskins other receiver options ahead of those rookies — ARE, Moss and Cooley. The Eagles just have a collection of No. 2 and 3 guys, at best, and Reggie Brown’s been out. It’s much easier for a rookie to make his mark in Philly’s receiving corps. Although, I see what you’re getting at, sir.

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