The Only Thing Worse Than Signing Jeff George Would Be Wearing His Jersey

It takes balls to write a column in Kansas City stumping for your has-been friend from Indiana to get a job in New England, but that’s exactly what Jason Whitlock does in an open letter to Bill Belichick:

“You need Jeff George. Yes, that Jeff George, the No. 1 pick in the 1990 draft, the guy who tongue-lashed June Jones in Atlanta, had one great season in Oakland and Minnesota before falling victim to Marty Schottenheimer’s wrath in Washington …

You do realize that Todd Collins went six years without starting an NFL game before leading Washington to three victories last season? You realize Todd Collins was never as good as Jeff George?*

You realize even at age 40 and having lived in football exile for three years, Jeff George still has one of the five best arms in the game? Oh, he can still wing it with the best of them. He’s in great shape. He’s ready to go right now.”

Oh, I’m sure he is. And this kid’s all for it:


For the record, that’s worse than the Heath Shuler jersey, but the irony points are many. Even if the irony is probably lost on a 6-year-old.

Anyway, Whitlock’s column is getting a good skewering, and I’m trying to convince MJD to pen a letter to Jeff Fisher advocating his old pal Ryan Leaf for the Titans job. “He can still wing it with the best of them,” right?

* Todd Collins’ contribution to the Redskins will not be diminished as he won four games — not three — at a time when each was needed to make the playoffs. Collins’ career Redskins record: 4-0. George’s: 1-6.

9 thoughts on “The Only Thing Worse Than Signing Jeff George Would Be Wearing His Jersey”

  1. Well yeah, and it’s a bad comparison even if the facts are straight. Collins practiced every day in the same offensive system for years.

  2. I have less-than-fond memories of his time with the Colts. Fuck Jeff George in the ear. My cousin is friends with him and that doesn’t make me hate him any less.

  3. If I where a coach I be looking to get Jeff George and Mike Vick on my team. As far as George is concerned I would most certain give him a look over, what would I have to lose by taking a look at him?

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