Skins Secondary Gets Two Big Breaks


All things considered, the Skins defense played pretty well in Week 1. They held the Giants to 16 points, including two big redzone stops and a shutout in the second half. But the glaring problem was the secondary, and specifically, Carlos Rogers, who was forced to start and play the entire game thanks to Shawn Springs’ calf injury. You may have thought C-Los looked lost against Plaxico. Fred Smoot thought he was “money”:

“I felt like that was a money minute for his season. It shows where he is and that he’s definitely ready to play now.”

Maybe Smoot is talking specifically about that one-minute when Plax didn’t catch a football. I think it was during their seventh drive when Eli threw a pick on the third play. Aside from that, Rogers got torched for 10 catches and 133 yards. Although, to be fair, Smoot attempted to cover Plax a few times as well.

But today the secondary get some good news. First, Marques Colston won’t be going all Plaxico on the cornerbacks — he’s out for four to six weeks with a detached thumb ligament (pussy). Second, Shawn Springs’ calf is all betters and he’s expected to play.

The offense received some good news, as well.  After careful consideration, the league officially ruled the Bengals’ offense the most inept in Week 1, letting Zorn’s world-beaters off the hook. The award was originally thought to belong to Oakland, but really, why pile on? I mean, did you see that game? It went a long way in helping me feel better about the Skins.

UPDATE: According to one of PFT’s “sources,” the Redskins were doing “handstands and somersaults” when they heard the news that Colston will be out on Sunday.  I hope the source meant they were literally handstanding and somersaulting all over the practice field and not just using the phrase a figure of speech. The imagery is just too hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Skins Secondary Gets Two Big Breaks”

  1. Lucky ME, I get to go to the game Sunday. God, let this NOT be a public embarrassment to the fans!!!
    A serious question, though: any chance Metro just MIGHT have Orange Line trains (@ Vienna)take the fans on to Morgan Boulevard (and that 1-mile schlep to FedEx)?? I live in the Shenandoah Valley, BTW, which is WHY I’m asking. Vienna’s closer for me.

  2. so i watched the skins the other night and wasnt surprised at all. didnt really bother me since i expected it and picked the giants in the office pool.

    its not the players fault. Because well..they have sucked since college. Its the front office fault for drafting or signing this garbage. Another 2nd round pick gone..probably the 1st pick in the 2nd round gone, for a guy the gets blown off the line like fart in the wind. But does that really matter?? not really..cause our 2nd round picks don’t even see the field.

    so in conclusion.. we won’t be good until we rid ourself of the cancer known as vinny cerrato. i got the first 50$ for anyone that can assassinate him or that hebrew hoobit known as bagelboy.

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