Troy Aikman Is an ‘Inbred’ Gym Rat

You may read that headline and think it’s payback for the Skins getting their asses waxed in Week 1 while Dallas left a bootprint on the Browns. But no, this isn’t spiteful, and Troy Aikman doesn’t mean what he said on the back of his sweaty, mulleted, catalog male model-style 1991 Pro Line that way. He just meant inbred like “naturally inherent; innate.” Of course he did.



5 thoughts on “Troy Aikman Is an ‘Inbred’ Gym Rat”

  1. Awesome. Now I know what Aikman looks like when he’s dropping a duece.

    The 2007 version of this is the Brady Quinn EAS “Now Im done.” commerical.

  2. Classic. This is too cool Jamie. I know you said in an earlier post that you were going to go through all of your Prolines, but this is too much. Did this beauty raise its ugly head during the move?

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