Zorn and W Are Homeboys

At the risk of upsetting our readers’ delicate sensibilities by pushing our “political agenda,” we must admit that we could think of better ways for Zorn to endear himself to us (manis and pedis with Jimmy Johnson, maybe?) than doing this:


Jim Zorn, second right, steps out of the presidential motorcade after arriving at the White House, Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008, in Washington. Zorn spent the morning biking with President Bush.

At first, we were all “WTF?” about this — Zorn and W going for a bike ride together? But then we realized that there is a simple explanation for why the two would quickly become friends: Game recognize game, playboy. Besides, Zorn deserves a day off. The team is so fucked right now, that there’s nothing he’s gonna find in a film room that’ll fix this debacle. Might as well go for a ride. Actually, change “Zorn” to “Bush,” and we’ve got ourselves a nice metaphor here.

8 thoughts on “Zorn and W Are Homeboys”

  1. Where would you spend the morning “cycling” around the White House? Did they build any sweet jumps on the South Lawn?

    Maaaa, I mean Lauuurrraaaa, Jimmy’s comin’ over n’ were gonna ride bikes, K?

    Fuck us.

  2. So long as he doesn’t start drawing up plays for us like Nixon. Does W even like the Skins? I’d have figured him for a Cowboys douche.

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