Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers

gong-show.jpgWhere we hand out labels following each Skins game. Sadly, today’s case is a 16-7 loss at New York

LOSERS: Jim Zorn
— The offense never got going. At all. And the passing game looked real bad. They were also running the ball and huddling up in the final minutes, down two scores. And here I thought the clock management issues left with Gibbs.

Jason Campbell — Struggled mightily throughout and didn’t record his first completion until late in the first half. The future is dim.

Carlos Rogers — Got waxed by Plax to the tune of 10 catches, 133 yards and dropped two potential INTs. Still, good to see him playing again.

LaRon LandryGot run over by Brandon Jacobs something terrible, and NBC replayed it about a dozen times. Later missed an open-field tackle on Jacobs while trying to get low. Again, it’s still good to see him out there.

Fred Smoot — Got called for pass interference in the endzone and gave up an easy 23-yarder on 3rd-and-7 in the 2nd. Later dropped an INT in the endzone before catching one later and then leaving after taking a knee to the back. So, yeah, a lot going on there. Most of it bad.

Chris Cooley — Poor blocking. One catch for 7 yards. Good blog though.

Durant Brooks — Tough first game (37.9 per on 7 punts).

WINNERS: Santana Moss — Turned a nice underneath cross into a TD, then turned a circus catch into another TD … wait, what’s that? The refs blew the play dead and Michaels and Madden never mentioned it again? Yeah, that was fun. As was ‘Tana’s crucial dropped pass late in the game.

Clinton Portis — For the amazing chip-block that flattened Kiwanuka, and also for a hard fought 84 yards rushing. Also for the mohawk.

Andre Carter — Forced Eli’s INT with pressure, and later sacked him.

Chris Wilson — Treated Chris Snee like a turnstile for a big sack on a 3rd-and-7 in the 4th.

Antwaan Randle El — I just love the way he merrily says, “Antwaan Randle El, Indiana” during the intros. Of course, he later committed not one but two false starts and performed one of his patented horizontal punt returns. So maybe not a winner.

Rock Cartwright — His 50-yard kick return led to the team’s only points.

Shaun Suisham — Put his first kickoff into the endzone. (Progress!)

NFL Network — For using the Smiths’ Morrissey’s “Every Day Is Like Sunday” in an ad. (The Smiths may also be a loser for this same reason.)

Old Spice — For the Swagger commercial where Brian Urlacher plays an ex-LARPer, just because LARPing is a serious passion of mine.

NEXT: New Orleans at Washington Sunday 9/14, 1 p.m. ET

UPDATE: Hey, it’s Chris here. I wrote my thoughts over at The Sporting Blog, if you’re interested in being further depressed.

21 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants Winners & Losers”

  1. At least the team got better as the game went on. They probably couldn’t have gotten much worse but hey, I’m an optimist. As for Durant Brooks being a loser you cant just look at the average my man. He put a couple inside the 20 and gets great hang time which allowed our coverage team to make plays. Net yards is the key here.

    Defensively I thought we looked great considering our offense only had the ball for 24 minutes. Yeah we gave up a lot of yards but only 16 points. We also had one takeaway. And offensively, I know people are gonna kill Jason Campbell this week but lets wait until week 4 or 5 and see what happens.

    Again, losing by 9 to the defending Super Bowl Champs in the Meadowlands isn’t too bad. It would have been nice if they could have covered the spread though. I blame James Trash. Out.

  2. This team is not going to be physical enough this year. They are in a division that prides itself on being the most physical on both sides of the ball. We have a finess team on offense and can’t keep people healthy on defense. I found it funny that when the Redskins had their 1st possesion, Al Michaels said Zorn was going to be 60/40 run pass. Then the first play, Heyer gives up a sack on a pass play. Next play was a false start on yet another pass play, and then a pass, run and then punt.

    I am optimistic that they can get it together (and have to do so quickly) but they need to listen to some Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, or maybe even the DTC’s Punch a MFing Eagles fan in the face, to get some phyisicality and some swagger. Maybe some home cooking next week can get it done.

    (Is it too late to see if Bill Cowher or Russ Grimm are doing anything)

  3. That was an emabarasment. The Skins are lucky the Giants didnt win that game by thirty. If Coughlin had any faith in his Super Bowl MVP quarter back, this game would have been a total laugher.

    Its time to scrap the West Coast offense for Campbell. He throws a beautiful deep ball but cannot perform any of the other duties required of a quarterback. Scrambling away from pressure, hitting a WR on a timing route, throwing to the man on the far side of the first down marker, etc etc.

    Portis played hard, which I liked seeing. It broke my heart to see Santana Moss give up on routes and drop balls the way he did tonight. Randel-El should be cut for his performance tonight. Say he wasnt prepared or focused isnt saying enough.

    Anybody catch the story told Michaels told about Spagnuolo (however you spell it) coming to interview for the Skins coaching job? Just proves Cerrato is a not only a poor talent evaluator and terrible GM (only punter taken in draft came to us in round 6?) but hes also an asshole.

    Watching the Skins tonight was sickening.

    I dont blame

  4. I think it’s safe to say that Zorn got debacled. I do not look forward to watching Zorn install his system on a team full of veterans.

  5. On Rogers’ two dropped picks – good to see him back in pre-injury form

    Portis making Kiwanuka his bitch was awesome

    They need to get Sellers on the field more

    The D-line looked good

    Did anyone catch that shot of Cerrato in the skybox during the first half looking like his just shit himself?

    Also, anyone catch the “We Made TO Cry” t-shirts Giants fans were wearing? pretty funny

  6. “As for Durant Brooks being a loser you cant just look at the average my man.”

    His first two punts were 30 yarders not of the inside-the-20 variety, and his net average was 34.9; about five yards shy of where he’s expected to be.

    Did anyone catch that shot of Cerrato in the skybox during the first half looking like his just shit himself?

    Yes, yes, I did, and I meant to include that, because he looked disheveled and dejected before the first quarter was even over.

  7. I just woke up and feel like garbage so excuse me if I repeat anything that’s been said, but the bottom line is that Campbell either doesn’t get Zorn’s offense at all yet, or Zorn’s offense is a steaming pile of shit. I’ll go with the former.

  8. Has Campbell always looked awkward throwing the short passes? There’s something that just looks off, like he’s trying to not screw up every time. Basically he looks like JP Losman.

  9. Loser: The Redskins.

    That was extremely humbling. We have talent and they played like shit. Reminded me of how crappily Al Harris covered Plaxico in the playoffs last year except even worse. Thank you Carlos for proving how much you really do suck. But thank you d-line for not getting any pressure to help the sucky secondary out.

    Jesus that was awful. Durant Brooks did well though for his first pro game ever, I’m a fan.

    I blame last nights debacle on Jim Zorn. Get that douche-snout out of town now and lets kick Cerrato out while we’re at it.

    Jason Campbell made bad decisions, but hes still a physical talent.

  10. Questions:

    Does Zorn really not have a hurry up offense installed yet? I know Madden is wrong in saying that they do not.

    When does the Zorn watch begin? Gibbs got away so much because he was HOF coach Gibbs but I do not see Zorn getting the benefit of the doubt. So Skins go 5-11, 6-10, or 7-9, then what? Danny push Vinny out?

    How long until fans demand Colt Brennan?

  11. The offensive struggles can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Campbell. He holds the ball for about a second too long on every play, and in the WCO, a second either way makes the difference between a 15 yard gain and nothing.

    Key example – the bomb to Moss. Campbell lets that ball go a second earlier, and Moss walks into the endzone. Instead Moss has to slow down to let the ball catch up, and ends up having to play defense on Ross so he doesn’t intercept.

    Plus the one sack we gave up was all Campbell as well – he walked right into it, because he was locked on his target and didn’t feel the pressure. Not sure if he’s going to get it, but if not, its going to be a long season.

  12. While Morrissey was the lead singer of The Smiths, ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ is a Morrissey song and not a Smiths song.

  13. After watching the game again one quick observation: Doesn’t Campbell look a lot better in the Shotgun? I realize we can’t run shotgun every play but I think it would allow him to see the field a lot better. He just looks really awkward to me taking snaps from center.

  14. The clock management (or lack thereof) in the 4th quarter was breathtaking, not unlike the pleated cargo trousers that Zorn wears.

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