Redskins Cut Frost, Spark Lame Column

skins-punters-3.jpgI blame Mike Wise for this. I mean, it’s not his fault that former Redskins punter Derrick Frost thought there was an open competition for the job this preseason. And it’s not Wise’s fault that Frost popped off upon getting cut in favor of rookie Durant Brooks. But it his fault for writing an incendiary, off-target column about it all. Choice cuts:

If I’m Vinny Cerrato today, I really need Durant Brooks to be the next Ray Guy or Sean Landeta …

Frost had better preseason numbers than Brooks — 45.5 yards per kick in 15 punts to 42.8 yards per kick in 13 punts. Frost kicked it a little longer (he got off a 65-yarder out of the back of his end zone against Carolina) and a little more accurately …

He was inconsistent in Washington at times, but he often got the job done when it mattered. Was it enough to beat out the kid? That’s not the issue. The issue is whether he got a fair shake, and the answer is no.

There’s a lot to respond to, so let’s take it graf-by-graf. First, Guy and Landeta are two of the best punters in NFL history. The gap between them and Frost, one of the worst punters in recent times, is so wide that it’s absurd to say Brooks must mind it in order to justify the decision.

Second, that decision was made on more than preseason numbers. Brooks’ average — both gross and net — over the past two seasons at Georgia Tech was four yards better than Frost’s over the past few years with the Skins. That equates to about 20 yards of field position per game, and 320 yards per season. And even if the decision was made solely on the preseason, Brooks’ net average was two yards higher than Frost’s and he pinned more punts inside the 20.

Finally, the Redskins don’t owe Derrick Frost a damn thing. He had the fifth-worst punting average in the league last year. What did he — or Mike Wise, for that matter — think was going to happen upon Washington drafting the Ray Guy Award winner?

And it’s funny how big the disconnect on this is between Wise and all sorts of bloggers. It’s about as wide a margin as that which stands between Durant and Frost, and it’s especially notable considering Wise’s scathing stance on blogs. Maybe he’ll read this and reconsider. Maybe he’ll read this and be further entrenched. Or maybe he won’t read this at all. I don’t know. But I do know there are plenty of things to criticize the Redskins for, and going with Brooks isn’t one of them.

Other Skins news: Stephon Heyer has taken Jon Jansen’s job at right tackle. It’s tough to see the team’s longest-tenured player relegated to the bench, but good to see an old line get younger.

9 thoughts on “Redskins Cut Frost, Spark Lame Column”

  1. But you will admit that the hypothesis of the Redskins trying to make their picks look legitimate by cutting the incumbent punter is a delicious one.

    With the exception of Colt Brennan, who really has stood out as a pick ready to make an immediate contribution? Or at the very least, be on the team for the next three seasons?

  2. Also, Brooks leads Frost in Youtube videos of amazing punts 2-0.

    And as for Wise, since he works at the last respectable media outlet in town that Snyder doesn’t own, shouldn’t he save criticizing the team for times when it REALLY matters?

  3. StetSportsBlog, the only Skins ’08 draft pick who was kept that perhaps shouldn’t have been is 4th-rounder Justin Tryon. And, to quote Rich Tandler, “The Redskins got exactly what the [sic] expected out of [Tryon] when they drafted him. They knew he had good speed and suspect coverage skills. You can teach the coverage skills, you can’t teach the speed. Keep him on the team as your fifth corner, work to hone is [sic] coverage skills, and see what you have in 2009.”

  4. The Redskins drafted long term. With the exception of Brooks, no player drafted was expected to come in and start.

    Fred Davis, Malcolm Kelly, and Devin Thomas were drafted for the future.

    All 2nd round picks, their contracts don’t take alot of cap room,and in a few years when #82 and #89 lose a step, these guys should step in and take their places.

    As for the other picks, like otherteams drafting inlater rounds, these players need time to develop.

    Remember, we were bringing back 21 starters. I guess you can call it 20 with Heyer taking Jansens spot, the other position, DE was a definite upgrade in Jason Taylor.

    Top 10 picks are expected to start right away. We for once had the luxury to draft for the future.

    In 3 years if these guys suck, then we can complain. But the Skins havent played a game yet, and also made it clear that this draft is long term.

  5. There was never any kicking competition, Wise should know better. The competition was brought up to keep Frost around until the end of preseason. If for some reason Brooks got injured or shanked every punt in the preseason, we would have Frost to step in. Essentially Frost was an insurance policy. Anyone that thought Frost had a legitimate shot at the job is sippin’ on some syzurp. Brooks is the right choice here.

    On the other roster moves however, I am a bit perturbed. I don’t want to shout conspiracy just yet but not taking a WR when El has a broken hand, Thrash is old, Kelly is injured, and Thomas is struggling is very odd. Surely we can get more use out of McMullen than we can Tryon right?

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