Pictured: Barack Obama Redskins Jersey


Why this faceless Redkins fan goes with “BARACK OBAMA 08” over simply “OBAMA 08” — or why he chooses to merge football, politics and hot fitteds — is beyond me, but at least his timing is impeccable. And even McCainiacs can agree that this is probably better than “BRUNELL 8.”

(Found on Extreme Skins by The Mayor, who requests that we “include [his] Republican stance, I hate Obama, and I love John McCain.” I can’t picture a custom McCain jersey at a Dead Tree Crew tailgate, but whatever.)

23 thoughts on “Pictured: Barack Obama Redskins Jersey”

  1. Yeah. Kinda hard to “politick” on the lot, when we already have a Mayor and a President.

    While no custom jersies with McCain will be seen, look for this verse on our next DTC rap track.

    “The Mayor came to bring the pain, fuck Barack Obama, im voting for John McCain”

  2. This jersey belongs on straight cash homie since it will be useless after november.

    Good to hear the Mayor is on the right side.

  3. It’s ok. The Mottrams are typical Montgomery County commies.

    I still like your sports views though. Please don’t hate me.

  4. Sarah Palin is technically a GILF (Governor I’d etc.).

    Also, Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP ensures that Obama will be the next President of the United States. Hell frickin’ yeah!

  5. I don’t know whats funnier, the fact that this guy is named “GloverParksFinest” or that he knows that the DTC was concepted in 2001.

    Either way he obviously is a closet DTC fan!

  6. Your write!!!!!!!!!!1

    Remind me never to play Scrabble with this guy!

    Seriously though, instead of spending this much time following me and commenting after me on multiple blogs, why don’t you just show up and say it to my face?

    I make it known where I am 8 times a year.

    I know who you are, I have a lot of haters, but only one that constantly corrects my spelling and grammar.

    Maybe I should have run a spell check before I hit the return button, but I just don’t give a fuck!

    When you coming by F-51 GloverParksFinest?

    I will answer that for you.


    So shut the fuck up bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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