A Cubs Fans Wishes to Let You Know That the Nats Are Doomed

natsstadium.jpgApparently, here’s the latest sign that the Nationals will soon be forced to pack up shop and leave D.C.: Their radio ratings are awful. (This is totally shocking because, a) AM/FM radio is doing so well right now, b) how could anyone not wanna listen to a 100-loss team play?) This comes on the heels of the news earlier this summer that their TV ratings are horrible, which was a huge shocker seeing as they’re almost entirely relegated to MASN2, a channel that may actually exist, despite the fact that I’ve never seen it.

So, ‘Duk at Big League Stew has combined these two facts with the team’s inability to sign Aaron Crow and come to one conclusion: The “end game” for the Nationals is in sight.

Now, I realize it’s easy for a Cubs fan to throw stones at a struggling franchise, but let’s calm down for a second. Sure, no one is listening to the Nats on their AM/FM radios, and no one is watching on TV because they have no choice, but people are still going to the park to see them play, despite the team being the worst product in Major League Baseball.

The Nats are averaging nearly 30,000 a game this season, which is middle of the pack — ahead of 12 other franchises (including the O’s). Yeah, sure, some of that is due to the shiny new ballpark, but even last year while playing with a similarly shitty team in perhaps the shittiest ballpark in baseball, they averaged over 24,000 a game. That number was better than five other teams.

So, D.C., which inherited a perennial loser, has put an average of 28,000 fans per game in the seats during the Nats’ four-year history. Considering the product, I’d say that’s fairly impressive, actually. But more importantly, here’s the real question: If fans such as ‘Duk are so giddy to already declare baseball in Washington a failure, then where should the team be instead? I’m just dying to know what other city — devoid of a current MLB team — could draw better if given a 90-to-100-loss team.

UPDATE: Yay! More kicking the Nats while they’re down, from Pat Lackey at FanHouse: “Can anyone remember how moving to Washington was supposed to save this franchise from obscurity?” I don’t recall saving them from obscurity as ever being the goal. Saving them, period, I think was the mission.

So, let’s see: They went from averaging 9,000 fans a game in their last four seasons in Montreal to 28,000 in their first four in Washington. Three times the attendance, plus playing in the nation’s capital, as opposed to a French-Canadian province. Eh, you’re right though, the franchise is still just as bad off now as it was in ’04.

13 thoughts on “A Cubs Fans Wishes to Let You Know That the Nats Are Doomed”

  1. God, I fucking hate those Yahoo! blogger! Who hires those guys? They should let the commenters do all of the posting.

  2. Well, the tide is turning, because I’m going to be at the game on Thursday — my first Nats game not at Petco Park. I’m sure this is the moment the franchise has been waiting for. Why I always feel the need to announce my baseball game attendance in the comments here, I’m not exactly sure…

  3. Lets not forget that the O’s host the Red Sox & Yankees which inflate their attendance numbers due to flocks of poser-ish douchebags from said teams.

  4. Here’s how the Nats solve their attendance/audience problem: win. Because right now they’re so bad even the few diehards they do have can’t stand to go/watch/listen. Obviously.

  5. “The Coach is KILLING Me Says:
    August 26th, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    Well, the tide is turning, because I’m going to be at the game on Thursday — my first Nats game not at Petco Park.”

    If you had just created “The GM Ran Me Over With His Segway” like I begged suggested the Nats would be in the wild card race by now.

  6. Much like MASN2, most people don’t know that 107.7 exists. The reception also sucks. I usually turn on 980 expecting to hear the Nats and realize that the Orioles are on the DC sports-radio station. I usually wind up listening to my iPod.

  7. I don’t know someone would turn into 980 to try and find Nats games. I mean, do they even talk about the Nats on that station, outside of the paid segment Trader/Traitor Jim does every week?

    Maybe things have changed under Red Zebra (when I stopped listening to the station), but I doubt it.

  8. I will never understand why some people get off on telling Nats fans that our team is going to leave. Like, why the hell do you care, Cubs fan? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about your team’s complete impotence over the last century? Get bent, assface.

  9. Making the leap from bad radio numbers to bad baseball town doesn’t make sense.

    Jumping off from something WFY hinted at — these radio numbers say nothing about DC being a bad baseball town — what it IS is another example of how poorly this team has been marketed/sold around town, coupled with the piss poor product they’re selling.

  10. Bang Zoom Go the Radio Numbers! Oh wait. Who cares about radio numbers when you can get every game on your laptop with the MLB package? Faulty evidence indeed but this team sucks. I mean SUCKS big monkey balls. I ate my first pair of season tickets the other night and I figured I was actually saving money by not buying overpriced beer for 2 hours. Yes, I could go and stay sober but this team can only be endured in person under the influence of alcohol.

    Oh, Bowden Sucks and the Lerner family members are cheap Aholes.

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