‘White Boy’ Misses Sean Taylor

My lady friend turned on some show called “I Love Money” today after I made the horrible mistake of handing her the remote. Apparently, this show brings together the most whorish of whores from “Flavor of Love” and the douchiest of douchebags from “I Love New York” and puts them in a house to get drunk and spread disease, or something like that. Whatever, I don’t watch these programs. I’m a reality show snob, which means I stick to Bravo, strictly.

All of this is a long way of telling you that while watching the show, we spotted a character named “White Boy” (assuming that’s not his given name) wearing an RIP Sean Taylor shirt:

Below the number “21” it says “the good die young,” which ironically enough explains why all three of these gentlemen are still living.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Mayor for reminding me of my last brilliant VH1 find (if I do say so myself) — the Urlacher tit grab girl.

3 thoughts on “‘White Boy’ Misses Sean Taylor”

  1. Big ups to Bravo reality TV. Flipping Out was my latest fixation.

    Also, I think I saw someone selling that ST21 shirt in the FedEx Field parking lot prior to the Buffalo game that followed his death. I’d like to think that’s where “White Boy” got it.

  2. I second the big ups to Bravo, I love Top Chef.

    You went to he Buffalo game and didnt stop by F-51?

    White Boy is from Miami, he probably got the shirt there.

    And nice picture “branding”

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