Gilbert Arenas Reality Show? Yes, Please.

Agent Zero called into WJFK’s Big O and Dukes show this morning (apparently, it comes on right after those silly-Mazzilli, butt hurt-ing, money Junkies) and talked about some stuff which may, or may not, have been compelling — I don’t have the time to listen to the entire podcast. But at the end, as transcribed by Real Clear Sports, Arenas said he’s been approached about doing a reality show, which most definitely does interest us:

“Ya know, it’s funny. I got a — you ever seen the show, ‘Rob and Big?’ The producers want to do a reality show on me — the first NBA player to do a reality show. But then I thought about it — I was like, my life is really not that exciting.

“Ya know, so, I’m thinking about it, because, ya know, I have players like Nick [Young], who’s goofy, so we can do paintball shooting and see who can get hurt on the grotto jumping into the pool…”

He’s “thinking about it,” huh? So, you’re telling me there’s a chance? Please, Gilbert, say “yes.”

(Thanks to The Maj for the tip. We owe you a B.J. Surhoff, you Ricky.) 

UPDATE: Apparently this post prompted the Junkies to discuss us on their program this morning, according to friends of Mr. Irrelevant. Success! That was totally the goal of this post.

15 thoughts on “Gilbert Arenas Reality Show? Yes, Please.”

  1. Wait, not only are the Junkies still on-air but there’s also a Junkies spin-off? Those trifling sillies must be cised.

    And if Gilbert wants a reality show, give the man a reality show, just so long as the rest of the Wiz — namely Tuff Juice, O-Pech, the City, Dominic, Bulletproof and especially Haywood — figure prominently.

  2. A while back,I thought former preseason man crush, Chad Dukes whoused to be play running back for the Redskins was the host.

    For those that dont know, he was the black Colt Brennan that played running back for the Skins in 2001.

    Anyways, I was wrong. This Chad Dukes is white and has wierd hair.

    Either way, the show is actually prety good. I listen to it every day, and is the only thing I listen to on FM radio.

    They talk about Redskins, Drugs, Girls and Madden 2009.


  3. I’m still a fan of Elliot in the Morning for my morning DC radio.

    Best Redskins moment: Elliot accompanying the team on their Japan trip (remember that?), falling asleep on the plane and getting his head covered in shaving cream by I think Brett Conway (man we’ve had a lot of kickers).

  4. Your shtick is trifling… Show some respect for the guys that got you more hits than any post you’ve ever done. I never would have even heard of this irrelevant blog if not for The Junkies or Big O & Dukes. If they ever mention you again I’ll wonder aloud, “this doutch is still blogging?”

  5. And plethoraofpinatas proves the rumor: We were mentioned on the Junkies this morning.

    Now, the real question for you, pinatas, is would you consider our shtick “butt trifling”?

  6. Golly. Remember when Gilbert announced on his blog that he was contemplating doing a reality TV show in June, 2007? It didn’t get nearly as much attention, but I still say the quote was better.

    “It’s going to be the business side of me and that should be funny because I don’t know anything about business so I’m going to sound like Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson. I mean, I’m not going to sound like, ‘Do buffalo wings come from buffaloes?’ There ain’t going to be any comments like that, but for business people, I’m going to sound like a straight idiot….

    I thought about it and I was like, ‘I can make a reality show funny because I have the friends to do it, but I don’t want to go out of my way to make a series funny and have it be a flop.’ I’m not worried about the privacy factor because mine will be more scheduled. Like, if I want to go to Tahiti, I’ll bring my funniest friends and just make it funny.”

  7. Oh, well shit, Dan, never mind then. The fact that he said THIS WEEK as opposed to OVER A YEAR AGO that he’s contemplating doing a reality show isn’t news at all. Nope, nothing to see here. Apologies.

  8. “Your shtick is trifling”

    Nothing is funnier than someone using a made up language on the comment section of a blog post, that is making fun of said made up language.

    “Show some respect for the guys that got you more hits than any post you’ve ever done”

    Show some respect? Are you kidding me? Half these douchebags radio show is disrespecting people. More hits? FYI, 6 of the top 25 ranked sports blogs on the internet are run by the Mottram brothers. The Junkies are a local radio show, that has been canceled, moved or bumped down in time slot over the past few years.

    That not what you would call “succesful”

    Plus everyone know they get the most hits here when they talk about the DTC.

    “I never would have even heard of this irrelevant blog if not for The Junkies or Big O & Dukes.”

    Im sure the Mottrams appreciate the free advertisement, even if it it only reaches 338 people that still listen to FM radio, that of course live in the DC area.

    “If they ever mention you again I’ll wonder aloud, “this doutch is still blogging?””

    Well, if they do mention them again, it will be like 34th time. And yes, they will still be blogging.

    Just one question.

    What is a “doutch”?

  9. Also, for the record, we saw absolutely no spike in traffic today, nor have we ever seen any spike in traffic any of the other times the Junkies have felt the need to discuss us on their show.

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