Dude Whose Dad Was in Ratt Is Benched

turner_chris.jpgHey, did you guys hear that Maryland QB Chris Turner’s dad was the drummer for Ratt? No, man, I’m so not shitting you! His pops was totally in that semi-memorable 80’s hair-metal band responsible for such hits as “Round and Round” and, um, some other moderately successful songs that I might recognize if I heard them.

Oh, you’d already heard that fun fact, like, eight times every game that Turner started, which equates to hearing it approximately 64 times, not counting off-day mentions? Well, don’t worry, Ratt references will be cut at least in half this season: Turner lost his starting job yesterday to Jordan Steffy.

“What made it hard is that Chris played well in the games,” Friedgen said. “That’s his MO. But based on not only fall practice, but I even went back to spring practices, and (Steffy) was by far and away ahead in all the statistics.”

Now, I’m no expert on collegiate football, but I’m pretty sure in any form of pigskin, you wanna start the quarterback who plays well in games over the guy who plays well in practice. (Tuner was 3-5 last year, but beat two top 10 teams in Rutgers and B.C.) Colt Brennan should supplant Jason Campbell, based on that rationale.

They also still have Florida transfer Josh Portis as their third string, who apparently is good at running very, very quickly. And that’s about it.

(More on the Terps to come before the season starts with our second annual round table, featuring dudes who know a lot more about Maryland football than we do.)

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