Jim Bowden Is Like a Used Car Salesman

jim-bowden-jackass.jpgThe Nats selected Aaron Crow with the ninth pick in June’s draft. He has a 98 mile-per-hour fastball and could be in the rotation next year, except they failed to sign him before the Friday night deadline.

Read the 3,700-word interview with Jim Bowden on the subject, because nuggets like this one are strewn throughout:

“We gave them a final offer at 10:30 p.m. last night, we said here’s a final take-it-or-leave-it offer of $3 million, which we later moved to $3.3 million. And then verbally at the last minute, we went to $3.5 million. Which was our final offer, by phone, at 11:59 at the buzzer.”

So … take it or leave it, unless of course you leave it, at which point we’ll offer more, and if that’s not enough, well, here’s more. Final offer though!

To be fair, it seems Crow’s agents are to blame for this debacle as well, as their client lost a year and is now pitching for the Fort Worth Cats. Though it’s hard to find fault given the snake oil they were dealing with here.

7 thoughts on “Jim Bowden Is Like a Used Car Salesman”

  1. This crap is getting ridiculous. All Jim Bowden has produced is a big bag of FAIL, and what’s worse is that he hasn’t showed any indications of making my beloved teams talent better. Which is infinitely sad becuase right now the Nats talent level is somewhere between lower then whale shit and whatever the first layer of the earth is called.

  2. I see that phone call playing out like the ransom scene from Austin Powers..Ok..Ok…Three Point Five Meal-lion Dollars.

  3. This is silly. I mean Bowden clearly made a mistake here but its not like Crow would turn this worthless team around.

    They need to let Kasten work his magic and fire Bowden.

  4. Mr.I, you nailed it on this gasbag. I am so sicken by this roster and the whole B rate Nats franchise being ran in DC. I do not have the energy to list all of my complaints but I will send you over the post from my blog once I do.

    Bowden is an idiot and never should have drafted Crow in the first place because of his outlandish contract demands.
    Kasten? I am still waiting for the “plan.” The only plan that I have seen is adding red carpet at RFK and more food options. My plan would be firing annoying Clint and actually letting Teddy win a stupid president race or just ending them all together.

    Lerners are cheap aholes, who have little interest in truly financially investing in what it takes to compete in MLB. They do not pay the city rent for a free stadium, tried to eliminate all outside vendors, do not call up players from the minors to pinch penneys, overpriced tickets, and publicly rip teams like the Mets who actually sign big names.(Santana)

    I have already ranted too much but maybe a summer of watching Will Mo Pena, Willie Harris, Ryan Langerhans, and Paul LaNeedle bumble around from my season tickets in LF has finally broken my will.

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