The Future of Blogging Is Born

If you keep up with us here on Mr. I, then you probably knew that Jamie was expecting his first child. Well, she hatched yesterday at 11:53 AM and is listed at 8.5 pounds, 20 inches. Her name is Elly Grace Mottram, and because I don’t trust half of you weird fucks, I won’t post an actual photo of her (if Jamie wants to later, that’s his business), but here is a true-to-life illustration of Elly Grace, already being put to work as a Mr. I intern:


So, help me in congratulating Jamie and Mrs. Irrelevant, Christine, on their first baby girl.

P.S. This also means that Jamie is offline for the next few weeks, so you’re stuck with just me. What to expect: Less posting, more anger.

27 thoughts on “The Future of Blogging Is Born”

  1. That is a beautiful Playmobile piece in front of that computer.

    Congrats Jamie, Christine, Chris. New parents are advised to load up on liquors that calm them down and fall asleep like *that*.

  2. Let’s definitely have her press play on the YouTube machine during the reunion episode of Blog Show.

    Congrats to all. Except Chris.

  3. Congratulations, Jamie! You picked a cute name – nice work. Uncle Chris, if you don’t care much for puppies, I don’t think you’re going to be a fan of babies either.

  4. CONGRATS! I can only imagine how excited yall are. My baby boy just started saying ” I Wuv Woo” . I am hoping that he is talking about me and not ODB from the WUTANG Clan.

    P.S. I think Jamie calls her Mrs. Relevant on the blog. It is his running joke, but you are the bro. You can call her Mrs. Irrelevant if you want :-)

    P.S.S. If it is at all possible, can we get some baby stalker pics. Please Please Please :-)

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