Redskins Drive Flamboyant Automobiles

On Sunday, the team hosted the Redskins Rides car show in Ashburn, and as you can imagine, it turned into a pissing contest over who can waste the most amount of their signing bonus on an automobile. There were several quality entrants, but my personal favorite is Clinton Portis and his Maserati sitting on the aftermarket chrome rims with the red lip:


Many more after the jump.

Antwaaaaaaan Randel El keeps it classy with what looks like a stock Bentley Continental GT — probably on loan for free from Easterns:


Winner of the ugliest ride: Santana Man’s Dodge Magnum:


I don’t know what kind of car Cooley is showing up in, but it has by far the most attractive after market modification:


The Ron Landry, doing his part to save the environment with his F-650:


Chris Samuels wins the “best execution, Lambo doors on an old school Caddy” category:


Smoot keeps it low key with a 6-series. He lets his mouth do the talking, not his ride:


And last, but not least, Mike Sellers Impala, because, shit, somebody had to have in Imp up in this bitch:


(All images via The Official Redskins Blog and Gearshift. Special thanks to Mr. I commenter CptChaosSidekick for the tip.)

10 thoughts on “Redskins Drive Flamboyant Automobiles”

  1. -Mayor did you really sell Kenny Watson a Chevy Tahoe or am I just missing the joke?

    -I can’t believe Sellers has a 1965 Impala. I always pictured him as a 1964 guy. I mean have you ever heard someone say “Rollin’ in my six five”?

    No you haven’t because it has ugly humps over the rear wheels.

    Come correct Sellers.

    /hops into jalopi

    //muffler falls off

  2. No, I really sold him a 2004 Tahoe.

    James Thrash
    Greg Jones (lb)
    Art Monk
    Darrell Green
    Jesse Armstead
    Stephen Davis
    Derrick Ham
    Rasahud Bauman
    Kedric Golston
    Rock Cartright
    Rocky McIntosh
    James Tuthill
    Justin Skaggs (RIP)
    Marco Coleman (2)
    Iffy Ohalate
    Dan Wilkinson

    Sold all them cars,plus more im sure, just cant recall right now.

  3. Big Daddy bought a Z06 Corvette. When the guy sat in it, it basically hit the ground. He then traded it in a few months later and bought a used Porsche we had on the lot.

    Most of the players bought Tahoes or Suburbans.

    Forgot to add Jon Janse, Ethan Albright, Cory Raymer, Salavea, Jim Molenaro and Mark Wilson.

    Im sure im missing others again.

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