HOF Game Winners and More Winners

zorn-debut.jpgWinner: Jim Zorn — The offense looked nice. Real nice. It looked liked Peyton Manning actually showed up, switched teams and played four quarters to the tune of 19-for-22, 216 yards, 3 TD and 0 INT.

And, sure, even Steve Spurrier won his first preseason game in Japan six years ago, but at least he had some head coaching experience. This was Zorn’s first game in charge on any level, and he played the part — donning the Motorola headset, covering his mouth with the white sheet … the whole nine. Hell, I’m impressed he just remembered to wear his big-boy pants.

Winner: The starters — No injuries. They didn’t play much, but Jon Jansen did go down for the season in the first series of the ’04 HOF game.

Winner: The Dirtbags — The passing game was sharp and the two-headed run game of Rock Cartwright and Marcus Mason gained five yards a clip. Developing depth in this group would be nice, and seeing third-round tackle/guard Chad Rinehart pave the way is a good thing, especially with fellow backups Stephon Heyer and Todd Wade tweaking their shit.

Winner: Marcus Mason
— Spent last season on the practice squad and gained 109 total yards and scored a TD on national television last night.

Winner: Durant Brooks — If you spend a draft pick on a punter, you expect him to start. Brooks lived up to expectations, averaging 46 yards per and pinning two inside the 20.

Winner: Colt Brennan — If you spend a draft pick on a quarterback, you expect him to make the roster. That didn’t happen last year with Carson Palmer’s brother, but Brennan was awesome (9-10, 123 yards, 2 TD) and a quantum leap away from his miserable Sugar Bowl experience.

Winner: Quinn Gray — Not a Redskin, but looked impressive in his first game as a Colt, as he did in four starts last year as a Jaguar. I’m not sure why Jax let him go, but Jim Sorgi may not be Manning’s caddy for long.

Winner: Chris Horton — The seventh-round, long-haired safety from UCLA recovered an onside kick and recorded two sacks.

Loser: Shaun Suisham — Missed a 39-yarder, makes me hate kickers.

Loser: Me — Actually watched a full preseason game and blogged about it.

(Photo taken with love from the Washington Post’s game gallery.)

13 thoughts on “HOF Game Winners and More Winners”

  1. We have the worst kicker in football.

    No injuries is definitely the big winner for the night. Colt looked good (on and off the field, omg!), but there’s no way his happy feet/sidearm combo can equate to actual NFL success, right?

  2. QUINN GRAY! Definitely gonna be Peyton’s backup by Week 3. And thank god. Maybe it’s just that Jim Sorgi looks like a drowned mouse….no, he is also a terrible football player. I still don’t understand why Polian gave him a new contract last year.

  3. Sure Quinn Gray looked good…AGAINST THIRD STRINGERS!

    Jim Sorgi marched the team downfield on extremely predictable passes in the flats everytime. Sorgi was actually not bad, and the Skins D stunk it up, I’d put them as a loser.

  4. Sorgi was craptastic in the red zone yesterday and is not a sufficiently accurate passer to be useful in an offense that relies so much on timing. Gray is more mobile, a better passer, has quality NFL starts, and just needs more time with the offense.

  5. Yeah ok, no Fletcher, Taylor, Carter, etc but still. I’d expect a little better especially with Smoot missing multiple tackles.

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