Hall of Famer Art Monk, Redskins Fans And the Ovation to End All Ovations

art-monk-is-a-hall-of-famer.jpgBig Money’s HOF speech was “simply fantastic”, but it was the four-minute ovation which preceded it that stole the show in Canton, Ohio. To me, it was the NFL equivalent of Cal Ripken’s record-breaking night at Camden Yards, when the fans stood as one and wouldn’t allow the game to go on until Iron Man took a lap.

The Skins fans who’d traveled in record-breaking numbers this weekend weren’t about to let the show go on either, no matter how many times Monk acknowledged them, at least until they spoke themselves in the form of a rousing ovation that lasted so long I received text messages about it before it was even over. It was a chill-inducing moment, and so well-deserved.

Update: Awful Announcing has video of the four-minute ovation

3 thoughts on “Hall of Famer Art Monk, Redskins Fans And the Ovation to End All Ovations”

  1. Monk’s speech (and the ovation) were amazing — I never wanted him to stop talking. But Green, on the other hand, was kinda brutal. If that man could do no wrong by me (see: If I rooted for any team other than the Skins), I think I would’ve hated it. (“I BE-LONG HERE!”)

    Either way, banner day for Jesus all around. Except for when the white guy interrupted the three hour sermon with some Dali Lama nonsense.

  2. I’ve never been a Skins fan – but growing up here and being an attentive football fan, I couldn’t help but follow these guys when they played. It’s baffling that Monk wasn’t a first ballot inductee.

    /remembers crying her face off when Joe Montana was inducted and will do so again in 2010 when Timmy Brown gets in

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