The DTC Invades Canton, Ohio

The Mayor and the rest of the Dead Tree Crew departed for the Football Hall of Fame yesterday morning to witness the enshrinement of No. 81 and 28 today. They arrived safely in Canton, where they promptly gots to gettin’ gangster. From The Mayor’s blog:

We left at 1:30 this morning, and arrived here, at the Comfort Inn in Canton at 4.

Getting ready to head to Buffalo Wild Wings down the street, hopefully I will have some better material, as this town is pretty fucking boring.

But you know us, the DTC is about to get gangster in Canton.

And, as promised, they got gangster by bringing the Class of ’08 cone into said Buffalo Wild Wings.


Stay tuned. More mesh and jort debauchery to come.

4 thoughts on “The DTC Invades Canton, Ohio”

  1. I was wearing one of my customized DTC shirts last night. I got completly bamboozled. The cops had an APB on The Mayor at the Stark County Fairgrounds. Had to switch up the outfits. Then we went to a strip club, and a waffle house, but this is all being told to me, I remember none.

    Great day for Redskins fans. Saw Charles Mann this morning at the Starbucks, he told me and Adam how last night at the HOF party, Michael Irvin came in looking for the liqour, and everyone was on him for geting booed.

    Fuck Michael Irvin.

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