The Only Thing Michael Wilbon Hates More Than Sports Bloggers Is Pants

I’m fully aware that TV anchors often wear shorts, jeans, PJs, nothing at all, etc. under the desk. But seeing Wilbon’s chicken legs in boat shoes kicking around under the uncovered PTI desk every time they went to the wide angle today was strangely hilarious:


And, to answer your question, no, Manny will not be traded. But if he was, here’s where he might end up. [/shameless plug for TSB’s new MLB brah]

Also while we’re here, talking about Manny and all, I’d like to publicly note that Jamie wants him on the Nationals. I think $80 mil over four years would be better spent on, uh, anyone. But then again, when one run is the ceiling for your team’s offensive output, you tend to get desperate.

3 thoughts on “The Only Thing Michael Wilbon Hates More Than Sports Bloggers Is Pants”

  1. Considering I haven’t worn pants in a month, I can’t hate on Wilbon. Nice boat shoes though.

    And considering the Nats are paying Guzman, Dmitri and Belliard a combined $15 million next season, $20 million for Manny doesn’t sound so bad.

  2. At least Wilbon went without (insert his horrible imitation of the Boston accent here) SAWWKS.

    I can see the highlight of Manny’s first between-inning cell phone call from the red tent blocking the view of the Capitol now.

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